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Is Virtual IOP the Right Addiction Treatment for Me?

With the technological changes in our social lives that have occurred this year, therapy and treatment have changed to fit the new standard. With a virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) for mental health and addiction treatment, you can receive the same high-class care and support you’ll need as you reach for recovery with the flexibility and independence to prioritize other aspects of your life.


Many of those who struggle with addiction also struggle to understand and access the recovery options available to them. When you’re looking for a way out of the harmful routine, it isn’t easy to sort through all the treatment varieties. Here at The Ranch, we want to make access to resources and treatment for addictive patterns not only available but easy to begin and to maintain in your daily life. 


A recent development in addiction treatment involves the increased use of technology to receive treatment. This past year, this development has become almost necessary, and while in-person treatment remains an excellent option for addiction treatment, it is not the only option. For some, the flexibility, comfort, and financial incentive to receive treatment virtually outweighs the need for in-person treatment. We want to honor your priorities and provide a much-needed service in today’s world.


Read below to learn more about our virtual IOP and why it might be the best option for you.

The P.A.T.H. Program

For some of us, in-person treatment is not an option, or at least not the best one. In-person treatment can be very intense and truly may be the best option for those who need physical care and supervision. However, many people struggling with addiction are able more able to manage their treatment independently. We built our intensive outpatient program (IOP) with these people in mind.


We believe that through our many addiction treatment programs, we are Providing Access to Hope (P.A.T.H.). Learning to change behaviors that have been physically and mentally programmed is difficult and requires help and support. We want to provide that support through any means necessary, whether it’s in person or virtually. 


Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program includes:Treatment includes:
  • Comprehensive diagnostic
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Individual therapy
  • Couple and family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric and medical referrals as needed
  • Support group referrals
  • Access to Promises’ Rooted alumni network. 
  • Identifying underlying issues & trauma resolution
  • Repairing relationships
  • Developing healthy coping skills
  • Developing and refining relapse prevention plans
  • Coordinating with community physicians who prescribe psychotropic and addiction treatment medication
  • Building a support network
  • Redefining life
  • Aftercare planning


These services are available to clients from the comfort of their own home. 


Intensive outpatient treatment is not as involved as residential treatment, but it is more hands-on than traditional outpatient treatment, like its name suggests. IOP often involves nine to 12 hours of programming a week, including group, individual and family sessions. Here’s a look at our six-week P.A.T.H. Program schedule

Benefits of Virtual IOP for Addiction Treatment

Of course, you might wonder: how can a virtual IOP benefit me? We promised we’d make things easier for you, so here’s a breakdown of the benefits of embarking on a virtual IOP experience. 


Remember: You will also have the opportunity to speak with one of our admissions counselors, who can help to determine the right path for you. It’s possible that you or they will feel a different treatment program would be more effective. The goal here is to provide those who need the flexibility to attend virtually the ability to do so and match you with the right program. 


Generally speaking, IOP is beneficial for those who have concluded their time residential program and want to return to their family environment without completely shifting toward an outpatient program that lacks in-depth structure. As you consider what’s best for you in the coming weeks, think about the support you’ll need during treatment. 


It may be tempting to leave a residential program early or to think you are ready for an outpatient program with less supervision and support. However, maintaining long-term recovery requires learning new skills and setting up new habits, both of which take time. 


Every moment of recovery is a moment of vulnerability, and sustaining access to the support you’ll need throughout the process is imperative.  IOPs are excellent in that regard—they help you gain a little more independence and agency while still maintaining the structure you’ll need to move toward a full recovery.


IOPs, whether in-person or virtual, were developed for people who need the flexibility to handle therapy and other aspects of life like school, work, or familial duties. While treatment should be a priority, we understand that there are other responsibilities in life to which you must attend. 


If going to class helps you in your recovery process, we want to make sure you have the time, energy and support to follow that path. We want to help you navigate those experiences, deal with the stressors that arise, and build on the skills you’ll need to fulfill those duties on your own, eventually. 


With a virtual IOP, you can still follow your dreams and take care of your responsibilities—all with the support you’ll need and without having to travel. 


However, virtual IOPs still require a certain level of dedication that is not negligible. For many in IOP, this represents the perfect balance; however, it does require a fair amount of commitment. If you can succeed with a virtual IOP, you’ll prove to yourself that you can manage yourself in a more independent setting. 


While in residential treatment, a lot of the conversations revolve around what will happen when you’re back in the “real world,” and they take a more theoretical approach to problem-solving.


With an IOP, the problem-solving becomes practical. You’ll be living your life, going to work, school, dealing with stress, friends, family and colleagues. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to practice the skills you will be learning in the program. You’ll get to know yourself better, to know when you need support, when you can handle situations on your own, when you can manage your urges and how you can learn to cope with difficult situations that may arise in the future. 


One of the most significant incentives to take on the virtual IOP is that you can attend the programming from the comfort of your own home. We all feel more comfortable in our personal space, and it doesn’t get more personal than your home. In your home, you have the options you have created for yourself: you can sit comfortably in your favorite chair or take a more relaxed approach and lean back on your couch. 


You can nuzzle up with your favorite blanket or sit near a window and feel the sunlight warm your hair. We try to make our counseling spaces comfortable, but we will never be able to replicate the feeling of being in your home with the furniture and aesthetic you find soothing. 


Being in the comfort of your own home might make you more readily available emotionally and mentally, giving you the strength to share what’s on your mind so that we can better help you succeed. You can also attend treatment privately, if that’s something you are worried about—nobody will see you coming into our treatment center. 


Virtual IOPs often save you time and money, compared to other types of residential care. Those who choose virtual IOPs save time because they don’t need to travel to their meetings, and they save money not only because IOPs are generally lower-cost options, but they also save money on gas!


We know that your health and long-term recovery are more important than money, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking of your finances. Even though you’ll still receive the support and structure needed to achieve a successful recovery, you’re still making an intelligent financial decision that is beneficial even after treatment. With the alternative possibility of accessing insurance-covered services online, it has never been easier to get the help you need.


We live in an increasingly technological world. The pandemic has rushed us into the virtualization of daily life. Meetings, interviews, and even dating can feasibly happen virtually. 


By receiving virtual treatment, you are positioning yourself to become more used to the technology you’re probably already using in many walks of life. And if you grow accustomed to virtual treatment, then you’ll be able to receive it anywhere in the world. 


Furthermore, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships virtually. You may even have the opportunity of forming more relationships since there is no physical limitation to virtual treatment. You may find yourself joining online communities that would have been too far for you to participate in if they were only meeting in person. The virtual therapy world opens many doors for you, not just during treatment but also throughout your life as you live in recovery. 


Virtual IOP at The Ranch

The Ranch’s P.A.T.H Program and virtual IOP for mental health and addiction treatment may be what you need, especially if you have concluded residential treatment and you’re looking for a little more independence without sacrificing the level of support. 


Join the virtual IOP from the comfort of your own home, and gain the skills for long-term recovery from your favorite spot in the world. As long as you have WiFi, you can start your path toward a more meaningful life. Connect with us today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs. 

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