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5 Suggestions on Having a Sober New Years

A sober New Year’s can be an alien concept to people in the earliest stages of recovery. How do you get through one of the biggest party nights of the year without alcohol? The best way you can go about avoiding temptation and risking a relapse is by planning out the events of your evening. Take control of everything in your environment and make active choices not to drink. Here are a few tips on still having a good time without ending up with a hangover and a lot of regrets.

Go Away on a Quiet Weekend Trip

If you still feel too raw and new when it comes to being around others drinking, find a place to go where there will not be any excessive celebration. Rent out a room by the beach or in the woods for yourself and a few people who support your recovery. Or go by yourself and spend the time catching up on your favorite TV shows or movies.

Afraid the local restaurant might be full of revelers? Have your food delivered or bring your own for a private sober New Years celebration. You get to come home feeling no after-effects of alcohol and a renewed sense of purpose.

Throw a Sober New Years Feast

Take charge of your sobriety by throwing a sober New Year’s dinner for family and friends. Focus on creating some delicious foods for your guests to enjoy. Preoccupying yourself with recipes and table arrangement is a good way of keeping your mind off alcohol.

Be careful about who you add to your guest list. You only want people around who understand your struggle and do not see it as an inconvenience to their fun. Make it clear from the outset that there will be no alcohol or other substances allowed. Do not be afraid to take control and remove someone who does not respect your ground rules.

Have a Game Night

If you do not consider yourself much of a cook, throw your friends and family a fun game night. Yes, you should have the old standbys like Monopoly on hand. However, get creative and try making some elaborate set-ups for games. Think indoor bowling or egg races around your living room. For example, some other possible game night activities:

  • Charades
  • Cookie decorating contest
  • White gift exchange using leftover Christmas gifts
  • Outside bonfire with marshmallows

Everyone will be too preoccupied with having fun to worry about any lack of cocktails.

Avoid Toxic People

Make sure your night does not include being around those who bring you negativity. You should always make your mental health and sobriety the top priority, even when it comes to family. One common reason for people to relapse is getting into an argument with a loved one.

The best defense you have against a relapse is preparation and awareness. Do not be afraid to say no to attending a family gathering, which you know will lead to tension. If pressure over attending an event gets to be too much, find a meeting to attend for support about your decision.

Do Not Beat Yourself Up for a Small Mistake

Even a sober New Years event can leave us in a situation where you end up exposed to alcohol. It could be a friend thoughtlessly bringing a bottle of wine to dinner or having someone accidentally pass you a drink without thinking. You may order a Virgin Mary while out with friends and realize the bartender added vodka.

Immediately forgive yourself for any lapses. Beating yourself up could lead to you buying an entire bottle of vodka during your drive home. Put your mental focus on a sober future and pull yourself out of the moment. We also recommend finding a meeting. Be around people who understand, help you put things in perspective, and stop you from spiraling.

Let Recovery Ranch TN Help You Have a Sober New Years

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