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What to Expect in Drug and Alcohol Detox in Tennessee

Seeking help for addiction is an empowering choice, but it can come with uncertainty. Many people wonder what to expect or how their addiction will be approached. The truth is that detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be done in several ways. Treatments vary from client to client and are executed differently between each drug and alcohol detox center.

Recovery Ranch Tennessee provides detox treatment for clients with drug or alcohol addiction. Read on to learn what to expect in detox and learn how to begin your treatment. Contact us to get started today by calling 1.844.876.7680.

What to Expect in Detox Centers in Tennessee

Addiction works on both a physical and psychological level, making it difficult to recover from a substance use disorder without the aid of a detox center. 

The withdrawal symptoms you experience when drugs or alcohol are removed from your system can be so intense that detox can feel impossible on your own. There’s also the added difficulty of facing triggers in your daily environment, such as certain locations or people facilitating your addiction.

The drug and alcohol detox process is most effective when handled with professional care and assistance. Detox centers have developed a specialized approach to help clients recover from addiction. These strategies for detox involve easing the withdrawal process and eliminating potential triggers. 

Below is a breakdown of what to expect in drug and alcohol detox in Tennessee.

Medically Supervised Withdrawal

The hardest part of recovery for many people struggling with addiction is the withdrawal process. When your body has become dependent on a particular substance, removing that substance from your system can produce intense physical and psychological symptoms. 

Some symptoms of withdrawal include the following:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shaking
  • Chills
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings

These symptoms typically appear in the first 24 hours after beginning detox, and they can last for days, weeks, or months, depending on the substance that was in use. A detox center will help manage the withdrawal process with medical intervention. 

Medically supervised withdrawal works directly with the client to manage their most debilitating symptoms. Medications can alleviate the intensity of certain withdrawal symptoms, like body aches and insomnia. The medical professionals at a detox center will provide specific treatments to make sure each client is as comfortable as possible.

Isolation from Potential Triggers

Another focus of the drug and alcohol detox process is eliminating potential triggers. When trying to recover from addiction on their own, many clients struggle with triggers that face them in their daily lives. 

Triggers can include a particular location where a client used the addictive substance or the person who provided the substance to them. For some clients, access to extra cash or funds acts as a trigger by tempting them to purchase the addictive substance.

Detox centers help minimize or altogether eliminate these triggers. Inpatient treatment plans isolate the client from their specific triggers while they are at the most vulnerable stage in the withdrawal and recovery process. This helps reduce the cravings that many clients experience when exposed to triggers that remind them of substance use.

Drug and Alcohol Detox at Recovery Ranch Tennessee

Recovery Ranch Tennessee is a leading provider of drug and alcohol detox in Tennessee. We work directly with clients to ensure they understand what to expect in detox and how their recovery process will move forward. 

With a team of experienced medical professionals, we provide supervised withdrawal relief and management. Our staff goes above and beyond to remove potential triggers and facilitate a healthy and effective recovery process.

To begin your recovery journey, call 1.844.876.7680 to schedule an appointment with the caring professionals at Recovery Ranch Tennessee.

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