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Benefiting from Individualized Care

Finding a treatment program for your substance use disorder is complex–but it does not have to be impossible. Let licensed professionals help you. Here at The Ranch, we support our patients with the use of personalized and custom-made care plans. This is vital to the recovery and long-term success of our treatment modalities. Benefiting from individualized care can make or break your addiction recovery. See just how well these individualized care plans work for our patient population, as well as what you can expect when you enroll at The Ranch for substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis treatment.

What is an Individualized Care Plan?

According to a medical report by the Blue Cross Association, individualized health care is:

“The ability to tailor a plan of medical care for a specific patient (“big data” with decision support tools), treat with medications or therapy that is patient specific (pharmacogenomics), and interactively interact with the patient through the Internet, social media, and secure messaging allows for the potential to have individualized patient-specific treatment, provided by a provider that the patient prefers, in the setting that is most comfortable for the patient.”

Let’s break this wordy definition down and show you how The Ranch covers each of these areas at our addiction treatment center in TN.

Benefiting from Individualized Care

Here at The Ranch, we provide patients with a customized plan that is geared toward the needs of the individual. We cover the lifestyle, budget, needs, and wants of the patient. This starts with a meeting and consultation for free with one of our addiction specialists. At the same time, we are dedicated to supporting all types of substance use disorder.

This includes specialized substance abuse treatment programs like the following:

Our treatment is a dual diagnosis based program, so we are also able to treat co-occurring mental health disorders. This can be a major reason why patients end up abusing drugs and alcohol, in order to self-medicate symptoms of mental health disorders.

Use of Data

When we have new patients come into The Ranch, with inpatient facilities located in Nunnelly, we start with a free consultation. This consultation program allows us the opportunity to get to know the patient and their personal goals with recovery. From there, we design a personalized treatment plan to let you start benefiting from individualized care. Everyone is on a different life path and has independent treatment goals. Yet we manage to create a cohesive community where residents and outpatient visitors alike can come together for treatment for substance use disorders.

Benefiting from Individualized Care With Medication and Therapy

By opting for a treatment program at The Ranch TN, you have access to all sorts of treatments ranging from medication to therapy sessions. We are designed with resources available to cover those unexpected aspects of recovery you are not prepared for, such as partial hospitalization or detox. Find the benefits of individualized care in the following programs:

Gain the Benefits of Individualized Care Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction issues, now is the time to request services. With an individualized care plan, you are able to focus on the end result of life-long recovery from mental health disorders, including substance abuse. Whether this is your first time entering a facility for treatment or you need to start a new program here in Tennessee, we have substantial resources at our disposal.

This includes outpatient programs like equine therapy using horses and other adventure-based therapy. We also have an inpatient treatment facility that includes detoxification services and partial hospitalization.

Our mission starts with you and your treatment needs. Contact The Ranch today by calling 1.844.876.7680. We are excited to be a part of your journey toward recovery.

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