The Love Avoidant and Infidelity

For love avoidant women, cheating can become a destructive pattern that ruins relationships and prevents them from finding real love and healthy relationships. To be love avoidant means to resist intimacy and to avoid meaningful and long-term relationships. One way to avoid intimacy is to cheat on a partner. This prevents you from getting too…

Why Do Alcoholics Hoard?

Walk into the home of a seasoned alcoholic and you may notice dishes that haven’t been washed, stacks of newspapers, piles of dirty clothes and general disarray. The overflow of clutter, unopened mail and belongings suggests one of the conditions that have come into the public eye in recent years: hoarding.

people drinking and discovering the difference between alcoholic and functioning alcoholic

Alcoholism: A Slow Suicide

Those who have experience with addiction—either their own or that of a loved one—will often comment that alcoholism is a slow suicide. What do they mean by this? Consistently and persistently overconsuming alcohol is certainly unhealthy, but can it really be compared to putting a gun to one’s head?

Does Porn Use Lead to Cheating?

Using pornography may lead to infidelity in committed relationships, according to more than one study on the subject. Porn weakens relationships by cutting through intimacy. When you’re distracted by porn, you have less time and attention for your partner. Then there is also the issue of creating and living in a fantasy world, which can…