The Ranch mental health treatment centers provide innovative residential treatment for mental health disorders, compulsive behaviors and addictions. Our staff members have a wide breadth of experience and are specially trained to treat a full spectrum of issues including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complex trauma, alcohol and drug use, eating disorders, sex addiction and intimacy disorders, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, grief and loss, and personality disorders. Learn more about the Ranch here.

Don’t Just Talk About Change – Start Experiencing It

Our experientially based programs are designed to support each person as a unique individual and provide a variety of ways to explore the feelings and behaviors that hold them hostage. We help each person move from “survive” to “thrive” by guiding them as they rediscover their authentic self. Our extensive selection of traditional, alternative and experiential therapies and individual counseling sessions ensure that each client receives attentive, personalized care and plenty of one-on-one time with our treatment team.

Every client participates in individual and group therapy and depending on the location they choose, may have access to specialized treatment such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), somatic experiencing therapy program, equine therapy program, energy work, Native American healing traditions, psychodrama therapy program, mindfulness-based therapy, adventure therapy program and more. Clients and their families address deep emotional wounds and gain an understanding of how the past sometimes gets in the way of the present.

Healing Retreats in Nature

Spirituality, mindfulness and the awe-inspiring surrounding nature are important components of a client’s stay at our primary mental health treatment centers. Experiences during treatment offer lessons and “light bulb” moments around the powerful realization that we are all simultaneously alone and also connected in amazing ways and part of something much bigger.

We provide clients with the safety, support and experiences to address deep-rooted issues and choose their own path to recovery. Many clients discover co-occurring disorders, destructive character patterns, skills deficits and life management issues that seriously compromise their sobriety, safety, health and sense of connection. When these underlying issues are addressed, our clients discover that they have not only recovered their emotional well-being – they have recovered a sense of spiritual meaning, purpose, belonging and personal fulfillment that transforms their entire lives.


At The Ranch treatment centers, we meet clients wherever they are on their path to recovery, trust they will show us where they need to go, and then help lead the way. We do not adopt one model or approach to treatment, but instead draw upon several evidence-based modalities in order to give each client the comprehensive care they need to address their unique issues.


Strong therapeutic relationships promote recovery.

Clients develop safe, trusting relationships with our multidisciplinary teams of professionals through personal attention and trust-building experiential therapies. Within a space of unconditional positive regard for the struggles that brought them to treatment, clients discover peace and acceptance.


Every client is different.

We create a personalized roadmap to each client’s recovery. We work closely with clients to help them discover what therapies and experiences best address underlying emotional wounds and foster complete healing. Adventure therapy program, experiential therapies, trauma-focused therapies, 12-step principles and 12-step alternatives, equine therapy, spirituality practices, mindfulness and more — whatever combination of approaches works best for each individual client, they can find it at one of our treatment centers.


Sustainable recovery puts learning into action.

Through our extensive experiential therapies, clients have ongoing opportunities to understand recovery concepts and feelings in their bodies, not just their minds. This approach brings about change in a dramatic, empowering, sustainable way.


Treatment should address all aspects of an individual’s life.

We explore what heals each client physically, emotionally and spiritually, and engage them in traditional, holistic, experiential and adventure-based therapies that promote recovery and a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.


Nature helps clients reconnect with themselves.

At The Ranch treatment centers, our beautiful natural surroundings are an integral part of the healing process. In addition to finding peace and renewal in nature, our experienced treatment teams incorporate nature as a metaphor for life’s challenges.


Nature helps clients reconnect with themselves.

At The Ranch treatment centers, our beautiful natural surroundings are an integral part of the healing process. In addition to finding peace and renewal in nature, our experienced treatment teams incorporate nature as a metaphor for life’s challenges.


Shared experiences are transformative.

Our treatment settings promote personal and social responsibility. Clients support and encourage each other and are provided with open and honest feedback and guidance as they make their way through the recovery process.

Why Choose Us

At The Ranch treatment centers, you’ll learn why you’ve struggled with addictions and/or mental health issues and how to cope in healthier ways. At the same time, you’ll reconnect with and grow to accept and love your true self.

Here are a few reasons our treatment centers stand out from the rest:


An Environment That Nurtures Healing and Self-Discovery

Instead of just addressing the symptoms of substance abuse and mental health disorders, we help you dig deeper and explore what it is that propels self-protective actions that are no longer working for you. Within a nurturing and non-judgmental space, you’ll develop healthy behaviors and thought patterns that promote self-care, honesty, integrity, and joy so that you can stand strong in recovery.


Personalized Care That Respects Individuality

At The Ranch, individualized treatment is not just lip service. Our unparalleled range of therapies and specially trained staff ensure that we can create truly personalized treatment plans. Whether it’s the 12 Steps, faith-based treatment, traditional approaches, or experiential or adventure therapies, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what is most healing for you.


Holistic Treatment That Addresses the Whole Person

We believe that you have to heal all the parts of you — mind, body and spirit — to fully recover from addiction, trauma, mental health issues, compulsive behaviors and other challenges. Ours is a balanced approach that addresses all dimensions of the human experience: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. With mental health and trauma experts, experiential therapies and an emphasis on mindfulness and physical activity, clients get what they need to feel whole again.


Skilled, Passionate Professionals to Guide You to Recovery

Our experienced staff will be there to guide you throughout your recovery journey. Our treatment teams include licensed and highly credentialed psychiatrists, nurses and master’s level therapists, among others. Treatment at The Ranch is a truly collaborative effort where all members work together to draw upon and combine their unique specializations and talents to give each client the best care possible. Ask our staff members and they will say that our treatment teams feel more like family than a group of coworkers, all working toward one common goal — to give our clients exceptional, compassionate, life-changing care. Reach out to the Ranch at 1.844.876.7680 today!