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3 Soul Exercises You Should Be Doing

Exercises for the Soul

Attention to our bodily health through physical activity, nutrition and getting enough sleep, as well as taking time for our mental health, often find their way onto our self-care plans, but what about exercises that target the soul? How can holistic care help?

Although most people focus on their physical health by eating balanced meals and starting an exercise routine, it is equally important to enhance the wellness of one’s mind and soul. Just as physical exercise can boost your energy levels and mood and help your body combat illnesses, exercising the soul can increase your capacity for joy, kindness and peace. 

Giving the same attention to your soul as you do to your mind and body— the crux of holistic care—is crucial for optimal wellness. Holistic practices nurture the body-spirit-mind connection, making this approach effective for those seeking relief from substance abuse, addiction and underlying psychological issues. Recognizing that total healing and wellness requires a focused, dedicated approach that addresses an individual’s body, mind and spirit, The Ranch Tennessee provides patients with various holistic treatment options guided by compassionate and skilled addiction recovery experts.

#1: Sitting and Meditating

 Exercise for the soul does not require movement the way traditional activity for the body does. Sitting quietly, meditating and visualizing something calming, such as a sunrise, can be an effective exercise for the soul. Focusing your mind on one image and the way you breathe can help to improve the clarity of your thoughts and ultimately learn to release your mind from any bondage it experiences.

#2: Be More Present in the Moment and Your Surroundings

Find a place to sit and relax quietly. Whether your place of serenity is under a tree or in a special nook in the house, try listening, watching and feeling your environment. Many people busy themselves with enough stress-inducing professional and personal tasks that it feels like one day doesn’t have enough hours. Heightened stress can be a risk factor for substance abuse disorders and relapse among individuals in recovery. Consider slowing down, taking a break from the to-do list and living in the moment.

#3: Allow Yourself to Dream

Dreaming can be an effective, imaginative way to exercise your soul. When you dream, you essentially let go and allow your soul to take you on a journey. A person can learn about themselves by taking the time to dream about their idea of a happy, joyful life. When doing so, be as open-minded as you can about letting your dreams come true. Reflect on your dreams. Ask yourself how you can start living them—there are likely small steps you can take today. 

Achieve Total Wellness At The Ranch

The Ranch Tennessee offers care options that provide insight that benefit individuals who want to experience a more complete experience of wellness. The holistic care programs at The Ranch Tennessee are effective because addiction is a disease with multiple dimensions. These dimensions influence a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and relationships throughout life. Experts at this center encourage clients to interact with their surroundings and nourish their spirit and mind. The recovery process can be different for each person. This is why The Ranch offers clients individualized treatment options that address underlying issues holistically, such as:

Calling The Ranch at 888.970.4383 is the first step to learning invaluable information about holistic treatment approaches and soul exercises. We implement all three dimensions of mind, body and soul for total healing to take place. Here, patients can improve their spiritual health, overcome behavioral issues or addiction. We value our noninvasive, natural healing methods that target all of you—mind, body and soul.

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