Binge Drinking Found to Be Linked with Dementia

pWhile we know that binge drinking can put the physical health of the individual at risk, is there an impact on their mental health as well? Research studies have been conducted on the development of young minds and how binge drinking can interfere with this development; but what if the binge drinker is an adult?/p pThis latest UPI report suggests that binge drinking can raise the risk of dementia. This is the finding from a Finland-based research report. Researchers involved in this project suggest that alcohol consumption during middle-age could be related to the risk of dementia that is found in the individual 20 years later./p pJyri Virta of the University of Turku shared in a statement that the findings from this research are considered to be significant. The research suggests that the changes typical of Alzheimerrsquo;s disease ndash; the most common syndrome of dementia ndash; are thought to begin appearing two to three decades before the clinical manifestation. If this is the case, identification of early risk factors can be critical in minimizing the effects of the disease./p pThe study was published in the Journal of Alzheimerrsquo;s Disease and suggests that those who consume large amounts of alcohol are at a greater risk of cognitive impairment, compared with those who are considered to be light drinkers./p pThe study also identified a potential link between different patterns of drinking and cognitive impairment. Binge drinking is considered to be an independent risk factor for impairment that actually doubles the risk. Researchers also add that passing out due to heavy drinking on one occasion can increase the development of subsequent cognitive / nbsp;/p

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