Get Outside – It’s Good For Your Mind

The closer you are to Mother Nature, the better off for your well-being. A recent article shared information from a study that people who exercised outdoors including parks and forests had better mental health than those who worked out in a gym. We all know the benefits of exercise. It helps us to stay healthy both physically and emotionally, but what many may not have known until now is how much of an effect being outside may alter our mental state. During the colder months, when it is much colder and people don’t spend as much time outside, the winter blues often set in. Even for those people who may exercise on a regular basis. It seems that humans, in general, need to spend some time outside. This study emphasizes the importance of spending time near trees, grasses or anything natural. When you run outdoors, it gives you an opportunity to focus on what’s around you as well, rather than the walls of a gym. It often helps to take your mind off the amount of exertion you are doing when the environment around you is constantly changing. You may end up doing more exercise because you do not realize how far you have gone, because you are more focused on taking in the sights and sounds around you. That would be an interesting piece to add to the study or ask of the research. Do people’s minds seem altered when they exercise outside due to the fact that they may actually end up exercising more and don’t realize it? Maybe it is the increased exercise that makes all the difference in this study. When people just get moving, their mind frame tends to improve and if they were experiencing any type of depressed feelings, exercise or activity may just be the answer to bringing you out of the blues.

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