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The Ranch Tennessee: Whole Self Holistic Healing

Recognizing the connection between mental, physical and spiritual health can be beneficial to all of us. But especially to individuals experiencing extreme distress with mental health conditions, substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. While our minds and body are separate, they have influence over one another affecting how we feel overall. That’s why holistic healing is so important.

The Mind-Body Connection

A great example of the mind-body connection is how our mood is greatly affected when our physical health deteriorates. Members of the mind-body connection—our nervous, immune and endocrine systems—are constantly sending messages between each other through hormones and neurons, especially the ones that live directly in our gut. Faster than an eye blink, these neurons can communicate with our brains, using information directly sourced from our stomach. 

Many illnesses that span the gap between medical and mental health exist, proving the direct connection between our body and mind. Here are some of the key conditions where our physical and psychological worlds collide:

Holistic Healing, Emotional Health and Recovery

Holistic medicine is a method of healing that focuses on the person as a whole, rather than just focusing on the physical, mental or spiritual side. Providers who focus on holistic healing combine all of those, focusing on each and recognizing the importance of all of these aspects. Holistic providers also aim to prevent health issues from ever developing by covering the health of the body, mind and spirit. The Ranch Tennessee aims to focus on all components of an individual to provide a strong and safe recovery. 

Benefits Associated With Holistic Healing and Therapy

Holistic healing can be effective and preventative in many situations. It can benefit people who may be dealing with substance abuse, trauma, disordered eating, behavioral problems or mental illnesses. Emphasizing the importance of the whole person can promote healing in all aspects of life. 

Physical Benefits

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Relief from fatigue
  • Better mobility
  • Improved sleep
  • Increase in energy levels

Psychological Benefits 

  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Sharper mind
  • Increased concentration

Emotional Benefits

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Balance of emotions
  • Increase in confidence

Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

The Ranch Tennessee focuses on the whole person and cultivates multiple skills that help clients prevent relapse and foster recovery. An important part of holistic treatment is being able to give options and be more personalized treatment plans for everyone’s unique needs. For instance, patients are provided with treatment through individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy programs. While also having access to more specialized practices like equine-assisted therapy or EMDR. 

Holistic Healing Options at The Ranch Tennessee

The Ranch Tennessee offers a variety of rehabilitation programs that can provide growth in a variety of areas that can relieve mental, physical and spiritual distress. These holistic therapy programs give patients a thorough understanding of their addiction and healing journey while strengthening their autonomy and options for treatment. 

Unique options at The Ranch include:

Visit The Ranch Tennessee website to learn more in-depth information on our holistic healing methods and options for your treatment. Call us today at (888) 969-7918 to learn more.

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