Cocaine Detox Center

The habit started out harmless enough. Nonetheless, the rush you felt was enough to form a habit. Now, you’re thinking of entering The Ranch cocaine detox center to go back to living without chemical dependency. The drug and alcohol detox centers in Pennsylvania and Tennessee help you reach recovery.

How a Cocaine Habit Develops

woman checking in with therapist at The Ranch's cocaine detox centerCocaine detox center specialists will tell you that the dopamine rush hooks you. The sudden glut of the feel-good neurotransmitter makes you feel like never before. You’ll do anything to experience it again and again. However, that’s also how the habit starts. Suddenly, the brain doesn’t release dopamine on its own any longer. It now waits for the cocaine’s chemicals to do so. You realize that you need the drug just to feel normal. Without it, you sink into a deep depression. You can’t keep up this lifestyle. It’s creating problems at home and at work. Maybe loved ones gave you an ultimatum. That’s why you’re now thinking of calling the cocaine detox center.

Cocaine Detox Center Program at The Ranch

Detoxing at The Ranch is a mix of evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches. The goal of the cocaine detox treatment center program is to take you off the drug. Besides that, therapists want to make the process as comfortable as possible. That’s why they put together several treatments to support you. Examples include:

  • Medication therapy management program as a tool for dealing with cravings and discomfort
  • Addiction education in a group setting that helps you understand what your body goes through
  • Group therapy that allows you to talk with peers about the things you’re feeling and encountering during detox
  • One-on-one meetings with your therapist to talk about your progress
  • Dual diagnosis treatment center that helps you manage feelings of depression that are part of cocaine detox
  • Experiential therapies at the cocaine detox treatment center to encourage dopamine and endorphin releases

Throughout the detox, you have access to your therapist. This professional guides you through the cocaine detox center process. They’re also your sounding board when you need to talk about what you’re thinking or feeling. Most importantly, they help you plan for what comes next: rehab.

Importance of Cocaine Rehab

A stay at the cocaine detox center is only the beginning of recovery. That’s because it only addresses the physical aspect of chemical dependency. To deal with the psychological issue, it’s critical to enroll in rehab. Unlike detox, which takes about a week, rehab takes a little longer. Typical stays are about 30 days. You work with groups and in individual sessions to understand your habits. Similarly, you learn how you can make changes in the ways you react to prevent future substance abuse. One of the most essential treatments in rehab is behavioral counseling. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you find dysfunctional patterns in the way you react. There might also be a disconnect between feelings and thoughts. That’s why you work with a therapist to pinpoint these dysfunctional patterns and change them. You, quite literally, change the way you think. Besides that, there’s dialectical behavior therapy. It focuses on intense emotions that sometimes override rational thought. Putting you back in control is the primary focus of these therapeutic interventions. It prevents you from acting impulsively in ways that may harm you. Finally, there’s relapse prevention. Although it starts on day one, it becomes more and more critical, the closer you get to program graduation. Of course, you have to start at the cocaine detox center level. Do so now by calling The Ranch at 1.844.876.7680.

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