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Deciding to stop using opiates can be the first step to a new, sober life. Getting through the detoxification process can be hard, but it’s by no means impossible. Working with one of the many qualified opiate detox centers can help ease the struggles that some people encounter during the detox process. At The Ranch Treatment Centers, we offer a medically assisted drug detox program to help you make it through the detox process comfortably and safely. Furthermore, our opiate addiction treatment center provides personalized opiate addiction treatment after detox. We understand that entering treatment can feel scary, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Let’s talk about what you can expect to encounter during the detox process at one of our opiate detox centers. 

What To Expect At Our Opiate Detox Centers

admission into an opiate detox center is the first step in opiate addiction treatmentWhen you come for treatment at our opiate detox centers, you’ll go through an initial evaluation with a counselor and a medical professional. We’ll talk to you about your history of drug and/ or alcohol use so that we can develop a plan to make your detox as comfortable as possible. Depending on your withdrawal symptoms, we may use opiates that will not create a high to help you to ease off of opiates that do create a high. We’ll manage your detox symptoms (which may include chills, gastrointestinal upset, mood swings, and insomnia) with medications to make the detox more comfortable. At any point, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with our counselors about the emotions you’re experiencing during detox. It’s normal to feel low and stressed as your body begins to adjust to your new normal. Rest assured, these feelings will pass. Talking with someone who understands what you’re going through can help give you the reassurance you need to believe that you can and will make it through detox.As you move through the detox process, you’ll find that your withdrawal symptoms begin to fade after a couple of days. At this point, you’ll begin your rehabilitation process. You’ll work with your counselor through several different treatment modalities. Together, you’ll explore the factors that led you to addiction. You’ll learn new coping strategies and techniques to help you maintain your sobriety when you return to the normal stresses of daily life. 

Treatment At Our Opiate Detox Centers

During the detox process, our main focus is on keeping you as comfortable and stable as possible. We don’t ask that you do hard emotional work while your body is working overtime to get you healthy. After you’ve completed your detox process, you’ll receive different types of therapy that will help you and your counselor devise ways for you to stay clean and sober. We offer comprehensive opiate addiction treatment to treat the underlying mental conditions contributing to your addiction, to prevent future relapse. Addiction treatment programs typically utilized in treating opiate addiction at our opiate detox centers include:

We understand that no two detox and rehab clients are the same. We need to offer you the treatment that makes sense for your relationship with addiction. As you progress through rehab, we’ll regularly check in to ensure that you’re making efficient progress through your treatment. 

Contact The Ranch

If you’re ready to start taking the steps necessary to get opiate addiction out of your life, we’re here to help. We understand that it can be scary to start a detox program. We’re proud to help you through the detox process as comfortable as possible. Contact the Ranch at 1.844.876.7680 to talk with one of our addictions counselors about whether what we offer is a good fit for your recovery needs. A healthy, happy life is possible. Call us today to start working on the life you deserve.

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