Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

a group of women in a women's addiction treatment center support one anotherRecovery Ranch TN has transformed the lives of thousands of women. With core values based on unconditional love, our women’s addiction treatment center in Tennessee focuses on the emotional and physical needs of women in recovery.

If you or someone you love needs help from a substance abuse treatment center, you could benefit from the unique therapies used in our gender-specific addiction treatment programs. Learn more and find out how you can get started today by calling 1.844.876.7680.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

Our therapists and counselors at our women’s addiction treatment center provide ample amounts of love and support while the women in our care concentrate on learning life skills that can help them remain sober. We realize that each woman who walks through the door has her unique beauty and strength. It’s our privilege to help you regain your confidence in living daily life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Women and men have different needs when it comes to recovery from substance use disorders. Our women’s addiction treatment center follows gender-specific programming for maximum effectiveness. By building a strong safety net, we create a safe space for women to build support among their peers, empower one another, and address gender-specific concerns. Some concerns addressed during our women’s addiction treatment programs in Tennessee include childcare and women’s health issues.

If you or someone you love is a woman over 18 seeking to start their journey toward recovery, Recovery Ranch TN has a women’s addiction treatment center with proven treatment options for our clients.

The Need for Women’s Rehab Programs

When it comes to substance abuse, women face different challenges and triggers than men, including:

  • Biological differences change the ways in which drugs and alcohol impact women in the short and long term.
  • Gender presents cultural issues, such as the expected roles of women and men, including differing views on how either should use drugs or alcohol.
  • Childcare typically falls under the purview of women, which can add stressors that contribute to substance use and complicates long-term recovery.
  • Women who use drugs also have hormonal challenges related to menstrual cycles, breastfeeding, pregnancy, or menopause.
  • Women may be more likely to try and control their body image and weight by abusing certain drugs in order to conform to societal pressure.
  • Self-medicating for pain or mental health symptoms is also common among women.

By addressing the specific concerns of women in our Tennessee addiction recovery program, we’re able to provide effective treatment for our clients and help them achieve long-term sobriety.

How Drugs Impact Women

Over 19 million women over 18 have used illicit drugs. However, women use drugs differently than men and often require less time to become dependent on them. They may also experience more severe cravings, which increases the likelihood of relapse following recovery at a women’s addiction treatment center.

Additionally, female sex hormones increase the sensitivity to certain drugs, and drug use has a more significant impact on the heart and blood vessels in women. Therefore, emergency room visits and death from overdose occur at a higher frequency for women than men.

When women experience domestic violence, exposure to substance abuse increases. Other events that impact the frequency of substance abuse include the loss of a child, divorce, loss of custody, and the death of a partner. Also, women who have substance use disorders are more prone to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Spending time in a structured environment away from home, such as our women’s addiction treatment center in TN, enables women to put their fears and responsibilities aside to concentrate on healing.

Our Compassionate Women’s Addiction Treatment Center Team

At Recovery Ranch TN, we have clinicians who are experts in counseling and addiction treatment therapy in Tennessee. The staff at our women’s addiction treatment center provides compassionate care delivered by some of the best medical and behavioral professionals available in the field. Speak with a care coordinator to begin your journey of recovery with women who truly understand you.

Our trained staff helps clients working through a variety of substance use and other disorders, including:

  • Primary mental health disorders – Depression and anxiety have unique impacts on women, so tailored treatment is needed to find lasting relief.
  • Alcohol and drug use disorders – Women have different needs when it comes to recovery from substance use disorders, and our clinicians can provide the proper care.
  • Co-occurring disorders – We specialize in dual diagnosis for clients dealing with mental health and addiction issues.
  • Trauma recovery – Our women’s addiction treatment center offers trauma-informed care that recognizes the effects of early life experiences and helps clients recover from them.
  • Sex addiction and other process disorders – Women struggling with a fear of intimacy, compulsive behaviors, and other issues can find relief in our gender-specific treatment.

Each woman who steps through our doors receives a tailored treatment plan based on their unique circumstances. Our gender-specific programs don’t limit the care you get; rather, it unlocks the benefits of personalized therapy.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

You can receive evidence-based treatment at our center in Tennessee, as well as experiential programs. For instance, available treatment options include:

  • EMDR therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Mindfulness-based therapy programs
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Nutrition programs
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

Contact Recovery Ranch TN at 1.844.876.7680 to take your first steps toward lifelong recovery alongside other women facing similar challenges.

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