Some people put off addiction treatment programs because they fear drug and alcohol detox. The Ranch medical professionals make sure detox is safe and comfortable. Our alcohol and drug detox programs are evidence-based and staffed with detox specialists that are compassionate and caring. Our medically supervised detox programs for drugs and alcohol carefully attend to your physical and emotional needs and prepare you for the next step in treatment.

What Is Detox Like?

Like The Ranch inpatient drug rehab programs,medical detoxification is personalized. We have a selection of traditional and alternative detox approaches we can draw upon to ease the withdrawal process. Our medical professionals are trained in detox from both illicit drugs and prescription drugs.

Alcohol and drug detox may include:

Substance Abuse Assessments

At The Ranch drug detox centers, you’ll undergo thorough physical and mental assessments to make sure we’re addressing all of your treatment needs. Our mental health and drug assessments help us decide which detox treatments are appropriate for you. They also help guide your inpatient treatment plan following detox.

Assessments help determine:

  • Types of abused drugs
  • Length and extent of substance abuse
  • Current status of physical and mental health
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders or behavioral addictions
  • Family history of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders
  • Appropriate medications for drug or alcohol withdrawal

Medications to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms

The Ranch primary mental health treatment programs are staffed with medical professionals thoroughly trained in medications for drug withdrawal symptoms, alcohol interventions, addiction, and mental health issues. As needed, our medical detox team prescribes research-backed medications to relieve drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Certain medications can also help curb drug and alcohol cravings.

Round-the-Clock Care

You’re not alone during drug detox. We make sure you’re safe and comfortable with 24/7 nursing staff. Our medical team regularly monitors vital signs like blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and temperature. We promptly attend to any discomfort or medical emergencies.

Comfortable, Welcoming Setting

The Ranch alcohol and drug detox centers provide a home-like atmosphere. You’ll feel at ease recovering in a substance abuse treatment center complete with comfortable furnishings, inviting common areas and attractive decor. Alcohol and drug treatment is more effective when you’re focus is on getting better and not what’s lacking in your surroundings.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The time it takes to detox depends on the substance abused, addiction severity and individual. Generally, the most intense part of drug or alcohol detox lasts 2-7 days. Dangerous, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms usually subside within a few days. Less intense withdrawal symptoms may linger for several days or weeks.

Withdrawal syndrome is different for each person and substance. It’s important to undergo detox in a medical setting so you’re safe and have effective pain management. Medically supervised detox can help make withdrawal symptoms and time it takes to detox more tolerable.

Here are some general timelines for alcohol and drug detox:

Alcohol Addiction Detox

Alcohol detox is one of the most dangerous detoxes. When you begin an alcohol addiction treatment program, sometimes alcohol withdrawal begins as soon as six hours after your last drink. People with alcohol use disorders experience the most dangerous phase of alcohol withdrawal 1-3 days after they stop drinking. This is when withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens (DTS) and seizures may occur. Symptoms like nervousness and insomnia may subside after a week. Often psychological symptoms linger weeks to month after you stop drinking while the brain’s chemicals rebalance themselves.

Detox from Stimulants

You may have a “crash” from stimulants within a day or two of quitting. The most bothersome stimulant withdrawal symptoms usually last a few days. Stimulant withdrawal symptoms may include aches, tremors, paranoia, and depression. You may have a number of undesirable physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Mental health issues from stimulant withdrawal can last several weeks or more.

Heroin Detox

When you begin an opiate addiction treatment program, opiate withdrawal sets in within one day. The first few days can be extremely uncomfortable with withdrawal symptoms like bone aches, stomach cramps, and intense cravings. These usually ease up within 3-5 days. Psychological withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety may last for weeks or months.

Detox from Benzodiazepines

The first three days of benzo withdrawal are typically the worst. You may experience symptoms like psychosis, seizures and panic attacks. Less bothersome withdrawal symptoms may continue for several months. The first three days can be the toughest.

The Ranch makes sure alcohol and drug detox is safe, effective and as comfortable as possible. We can help you get through this difficult period with compassion and evidence-based benzo addiction treatment programs.

What Happens After Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox is the first step in getting better. A comprehensive residential rehab program is the next step. After you complete medical detoxification, our clinical team creates an addiction treatment plan that draws on traditional and alternative approaches. We work with you to make sure addiction treatment and rehab considers your preferences and life experiences.

Everyone’s experience at The Ranch is different, but common features of inpatient drug rehab include:

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

People with substance use disorders often have underlying mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. This is also known as a dual diagnosis. We will assess you for mental health issues and provide psychiatric treatment to help you manage symptoms. You may be using drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate your mental illness symptoms. Managing your mental health disorder with behavioral therapy and medication can help you feel less of a pull to abuse substances.

Help for Loved Ones

Addiction impacts the entire family. We involve loved ones in treatment so everyone can heal together. The Ranch offers family therapy and family programs. Your loved ones gain a better understanding of addiction. They learn healthy ways to support you while taking care of themselves. Our mental health professionals help you and your loved ones address difficult issues and learn to communicate better.

Traditional and Alternative Treatment Options

We keep inpatient rehab engaging with a wide range of treatment options. The Ranch treatment programs offer both traditional and alternative approaches. Traditional therapies may include individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. These treatment options help you process emotions and change thinking patterns through discussion. Alternative approaches complement traditional therapy by encouraging you to “get out of your head.” They can add a physical and spiritual component to healing.

Some of our treatment centers offer alternative approaches like:

Preparing for life after drug rehab is critical for relapse prevention. The Ranch offers continuing care planning so you have proper support in place when you leave. Your aftercare program might include resources like:

Does Insurance Cover Detox?

Drug and alcohol detox and substance abuse treatment are covered by many insurance plans. Some may cover drug and alcohol detox at 100% and others may require you meet a deductible first, pay a certain percentage of the cost of drug detox, or provide a co-payment. If your insurance includes a behavioral health component, drug addiction and mental health issues are sometimes covered in the same way as other health issues.

The Ranch recovery advisors can determine the specifics of your insurance coverage. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to understand your drug rehab insurance benefits. Call us today for a free insurance benefits check: 1.844.876.7680.

Take the First Step to a Better Life

Drug or alcohol detox is the first step to taking your life back. It’s possible to move past addiction and into the life you’ve always wanted. The Ranch rehab program provides safe and comfortable detox followed by evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment. Let’s do this together. Call us today: 1.844.876.7680.