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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Multiple Locations Nationwide

A trustworthy drug and alcohol detox clinic that leads to long-term recovery.

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Breaking free from addiction and maintaining sobriety can assist you avoid a relapse.


Individualized Drug and Alcohol Detox

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! There are no two people alike in terms of their past, mental health problems, or substance abuse issues. As a result, we provide individualized treatment options suited to your conditions.

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Program Summary

Our drug and alcohol detox facility addresses all aspects of addiction, including both substance use and mental health problems as well as medical needs.

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The Advantages of Drug and Alcohol Detox

Stay in a safe and supportive environment

Receive support from a full medical team

Prescription medications to ease withdrawals

Get treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions

treatment options 

Focus 100% of your time and energy on recovery 

Treatment Phases

Individuals who complete drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation at the same time are less likely to relapse and stay clean for a longer period of time, according to our study. It’s also important to have an aftercare strategy in place once treatment is finished.


- Cleanse -

We’ll work with you to address your body’s need for drugs and alcohol, as well as assist you detoxify from toxins. We’ll utilize therapeutic activities and specialized medications to help you cope with unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


- Understand -

After your withdrawal symptoms have subsided, you will be moved to our rehabilitation facility. At this time, we’ll concentrate on the psychological aspects of your dependence. You’ll figure out why you started using drugs or drinking in the first place, how to deal with urges that might lead you back to addiction, and how to retrain your mind to think straight without drugs or alcohol.


- Apply -

We’ll work with you and your clinicians to create a treatment plan that is right for you. Treatment will be customized to your specific requirements and preferences, and we’ll be there every step of the way as you seek sobriety. We’ll help you enter a more adaptable aftercare plan once therapy has concluded. Return to your regular routine and apply what you’ve learnt during therapy there.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox Services

During your detox and rehabilitation, you will be treated with a variety of therapies that have been found to aid in the recovery process.


Integrated treatment and medical intervention

Psychiatric care and medications for co-occurring disorders 


Cognitive-behavioral therapy 


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How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Detox Cost?

Paying for addiction treatment
The cost of drug and alcohol detox at The Ranch is based on each client’s unique situation. Why? We customize treatment plans for each customer based on their substance abuse, background, and mental health concerns. Regardless on your insurance or where you reside, we can help you pick the best coverage at the best price. We collaborate with a variety of American insurance companies to ensure that you receive the highest-quality care at a fair cost. Check to see whether your health insurance covers your treatment.

Success Stories

Start Your Recovery

Taking the first step is half of the battle. What kind of communication do you want to start recovery with? We may be reached either by phone or online.

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