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Our alcohol and drug detox programs are evidence-based, comfortable and staffed with detox specialists that are compassionate and caring. The Ranch’s medically monitored detox programs for drugs and alcohol carefully attend to each client’s physical and emotional needs and prepare them for the next step in treatment.


Our medical team completes comprehensive physical and mental assessments with each client to determine:

  • Substances that have been abused
  • Length and extent of abuse
  • Current status of physical and mental health
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders or behavioral addictions
  • Family history of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders


As needed, our medical detox staff prescribe research-backed medications to ease drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

24/7 Care

We make sure clients are safe and as comfortable as possible with round-the-clock nursing staff. Our medical team regularly monitors vital signs and attends to any discomfort or medical emergencies.

Welcoming Environment

Our alcohol and drug detox centers provide a home-like atmosphere with comfortable furnishings, inviting common areas and attractive decor.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

After clients complete medical detox, our clinical team will work with them to create an addiction treatment plan that incorporates traditional and alternative approaches and considers their preferences and life experiences.