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Clients’ family members are encouraged to attend our monthly Family Day. This is a warm and welcoming experience where loved ones can get questions answered, learn about addiction and mental health, and discover how they can help their family member who may be struggling with addiction issues or other behavioral health problems and help themselves.

Mental Health And Addiction Education

Family members learn about both the apparent and subtle ways they’re affected by their loved one’s addiction and mental health issues.

Role Playing

Staff members act out some common scenarios that families with loved ones struggling with mental health or addiction may have experienced.  They also act out the stages of recovery clients go through while in treatment.

Helpful Resources

Family members learn about resources they can tap into that can help them recover including Al-Anon and CODA. Family members will learn that they are all affected when there are mental health and substance use issues within the family system.

Lunch is provided and loved ones have visitation time with their family member at the end of the day’s programming.

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