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man on ropes

Ropes Course

Build trust, self-efficacy and problem-solving skills through guided activities on a ropes course.

three women talking on sofa

Relationship and Intimacy Groups

Feel safe discussing intimacy issues and related topics in same-sex counseling groups.

man and woman hugging on couch

Family Therapy

Rebuild trust and learn to better support each other with the help of a counselor.

Three men talking to therapist

Self-Help Support Groups

Strengthen your recovery with peer support and accountability from 12-step groups or alternative 12-step groups.

Three males talking in a livingroom

Social Model Approach

Practice real-world recovery in a setting that helps you build skills and navigate interpersonal issues.

woman in blue shirt talking to therapist

Life Skills Coaching

Prepare for success in recovery with help building skills and setting life goals.

man in blue shirt talking to man in green shirt

Support Groups

Gain new insights into your issues and connect with peers sharing similar struggles.

Man in red plaid shirt being checked by a doctor

Psychiatric Services and Medication Management

Get help managing mental health symptoms with expert psychiatric services and medication as appropriate.

Woman with white shirt talking to therapist close up

Relapse Prevention Counseling

Identify relapse triggers and develop a toolbox of healthy coping skills to strengthen your recovery.

Group therapy with the focus on a woman with dark brown hair and a blue tshirt


Empower yourself in recovery with education on your condition and how to effectively manage it.

male therapist talking to male client

Psychodynamic Therapy

Develop insight into unresolved conflicts and subconscious processes that could be affecting your behavior.

male in black shirt talking to male therapist

Motivational Interviewing

Take responsibility for your recovery and discover your own motivation to change and find solutions.

Woman therapist with green shirt talking to male client

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Regulate distressing emotions and thoughts with cognitive behavioral approaches and mindfulness techniques.

woman wearing cream shirt with female therapist

Individual Therapy

Address underlying behavioral and emotional issues within a safe, therapeutic relationship in individual counseling.

male client with gray shirt with female therapist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Identify unhealthy thought patterns and learn how they affect behaviors and emotions.

man with blue shirt in group therapy

Big Book/12-Step Study

Delve deeper into the 12 Steps with regular studies and assignments from the Big Book.

two females walking the labrynth

The Labyrinth

Walk the Labyrinth as a form of meditation, prayer, introspection or connection to nature.

man sitting with flowers at the medicine wheel

Medicine Wheel

Meditate, pray, reflect, contemplate, gain insight and strengthen your connection with the totality of life.

woman with short hair in group therapy

Four Agreements

Embrace a life of fullness and integrity through teachings from bestselling book, The Four Agreements.

Equine Therapy Program

Learn lessons about respect, empathy and communication through guided interactions with horses.

man on zipline

Adventure Therapy

Cultivate trust and communication while developing team-building, problem-solving and decision-making skills through experiential activities.

step 1 sign of the 12 step trail

12-Step Trail

Experience the 12 Steps in a new way through this physical representation of recovery.

female with female therapist writing

Somatic Experiencing®

Be present in your body, release stored emotions and build resilience for challenging situations.

brown eye close up


Release trauma by retrieving, processing and resolving past experiences contributing to emotional pain.

group doing drama class


Address difficult emotions and challenging past, present and future situations through role-playing exercises.

males working on in gym

Fitness and Wellness

Participate in a number of fitness activities that promote self-care and physical and emotional well-being.

woman with paint pallet

Expressive Therapies

Use activities like art and music to explore issues and emotions in alternative ways.

man practicing archery


Improve patience, confidence, concentration and learn to “let go” through customized archery activities.

man putting hands together during therapy

The Daring Way™

Explore shame, develop resilience and learn to live wholeheartedly while embracing your authentic self.

woman outside meditating

Alternative Approaches

Reconnect body and mind through alternative approaches like meditation.

close up of meditation


Learn to stay in the present moment, cope with stress and manage difficult emotions.

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