Love & Sex Addiction

Sex and LoveWhen you hear the terms sex addiction and love addiction, you may conclude that these problems don’t apply to you. These addictions can be severe, leading to illegal activities such as exhibitionism and voyeurism, but they can also be more subtle. Love and sex addiction are often masked by other more prominent concerns such as alcohol and drug addictions and eating disorders. Left unaddressed, sex and love addiction can contribute to chronic relapse and prevent an individual from healing in all areas of their life.

Love addiction and sex addiction are intimacy disorders that fulfill unmet needs for control, power, love or affection. Both diseases are strongly associated with early childhood trauma and carry a great deal of shame. Like all addictions, sex and love addiction are progressive in nature. Over time, the addict craves more frequent, intense or unusual experiences to achieve the initial sense of relief or euphoria. Sex and love become destructive to the individual’s health, relationships, career and/or finances, yet the addict is unable to control their behavior.

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