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Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Treated at: Tennessee and Pennsylvania

Clinical depression and anxiety disorders frequently occur in people struggling with substance abuse and other destructive behaviors. Research shows that people with anxiety or mood disorders such as depression are two to three times more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs than people without a mental health disorder. At The Ranch mental health and drug rehab, our psychiatric team helps clients manage anxiety and depression with behavioral therapies and research-backed medications as clinically appropriate. Depending on the location, we offer inpatient treatment for anxiety and depression with or without a co-occurring substance use disorder.

Mood Disorder Therapy

Our therapies for mood disorders or anxiety disorders includes a number of traditional and alternative approaches such as individual, family and group therapy as well as experiential activities. Medication may be prescribed to help manage anxiety and depression symptoms as clinically appropriate.

Inpatient Depression Treatment

Our residential depression treatment and anxiety treatment centers help clients get some space away from daily pressures and responsibilities so they can focus on recovery. During residential treatment, clients explore their depression or anxiety using a variety of therapies, learn how to better manage their symptoms, and address the underlying factors contributing to their mood disorder and/or anxiety.

Continued Recovery

After residential treatment for depression or anxiety, we work with each client to create a continuing care plan. This may include setting up appointments with mental health professionals in their community, transitioning into an outpatient program, and connecting them with support groups and other resources important for long-term recovery.

Therapies Commonly Used


Supervised by an experienced medical professional, it can be life-changing for individuals suffering from severe, debilitating depression.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RTMS)

For those who struggle with treatment-resistant depression or those who prefer not to take psychoactive medications.

Fitness and Wellness

Promote self-care and physical and emotional healing with fitness classes, ropes course activities, hikes and sports.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Bond with horses and learn valuable lessons about respect, empathy and communication.

Adventure Therapy

Teaches important recovery lessons about trust, communication, perseverance, team-building and overcoming obstacles.

Faith-Based Programming

Find spiritual services and communities that integrate spirituality into the recovery process.