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Symptoms of OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be extremely debilitating. Though you may realize that your actions or thoughts are irrational, you may feel hopeless to stop them. You may find yourself losing hours of the day to ruminations (obsessions) or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). OCD can have a negative impact on your relationships and work or school status.

OCD symptoms may include:

  • Extreme fear of uncleanliness, dirt or germs
  • Repetitive counting behaviors — aloud or in your mind
  • Excessive “checking” behaviors like making sure the door is locked, the lights and stove are off, etc.
  • Overwhelming feeling that you must engage in certain thoughts or behaviors to relieve anxiety or make things “right”
  • Powerful need to perform certain tasks a number of times (repeating words, flipping switches, etc.)
  • Feeling plagued with self-doubt and an insatiable need for reassurance from others
  • Fixation on the order of items, thoughts or sequence of actions
  • Intrusive thoughts about subjects deemed to be taboo

Obsessive compulsive disorder is further complicated when substance abuse compounds the problem. At The Ranch mental health and drug rehab, we offer specialized treatment for mental health disorders and alcohol and drug abuse.  Call us to learn more. 888-545-4982

How Inpatient OCD Rehab Helps

Inpatient treatment for OCD can provide you needed space away from triggers that fuel OCD and substance abuse symptoms. You’ll benefit from 24/7 support to help you identify and address issues that propel destructive or intrusive behaviors and thoughts. Mental health professionals can ensure that you’re getting the fullest benefits from the latest research-backed OCD medications. You also may engage in behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, which can help you address underlying emotional issues, change damaging thought patterns and learn healthy coping skills.

Get Expert OCD Treatment

If you’re struggling with OCD and substance abuse, we can help. The Ranch has a specialized psychiatric team with experts in psychological disorders and addictionology. We apply the latest evidence-based mental health treatments to help you manage your OCD symptoms and eliminate substance abuse. We’ll help you get to the underlying causes of your addiction and invasive coping patterns and acquire better coping skills so you can live a sober, rewarding life.

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