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Process Addictions

Process addictions are addictions to activities or processes such as gambling, eating, tanning, video/gaming, spending, sex, Internet surfing and work as opposed to a “substance addiction” like that of drugs or alcohol. The prevailing view is that process addictions are “real” addictions and that they share many commonalities with drug addiction. Behavioral addictions can be just as debilitating and difficult to overcome as drug and alcohol addictions. Current research supports the growing understanding that process addictions impact chemicals in the brain much the same way as substances. At The Ranch treatment center our approach considers that many addictions, whether they surface as substance abuse or compulsive behaviors, are fueled by underlying issues such as trauma, attachment, neglect or enmeshment issues, and are also typically perpetuated by co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders. We help clients address all of these challenges and heal deep emotional wounds so they can go on to lead healthy, fulfilling lives without the need for destructive coping mechanisms that present as behavioral addictions. Learn more about our approach to addiction treatment or call 888-844-5865.

Treated at: Tennessee and Mississippi


Our clients participate in multiple forms of therapy throughout process addiction treatment, including individual therapy, process groups, and family therapy to help them better understand and manage their disorder. Clients meet one-on-one with their primary therapist at least once a week to get the individual attention they need to recover.


Our residential process addiction treatment program gives clients the chance to step away from the pressures and stressors of daily life and focus on recovery. While in treatment, they’ll learn about different types of process addictions, the underlying factors behind their addiction, and how to begin the healing process in a safe and supportive environment.


Our outpatient program helps clients manage the transition from treatment back to their lives while still receiving the support of their recovery community and treatment team. By continuing treatment, clients can better integrate back into their jobs, families and lives while getting the support they need to avoid relapsing into their process addictions.

Continued Recovery

Recovery from process addictions is a lifelong process. Following treatment, clients are highly encouraged to continue participating in their recovery from process addictions through our continued recovery program, which offers continuing therapies, including group, family and individual, to help them on their recovery journey. This continued support is extremely important in helping clients avoid triggers and relapse into old behaviors. It also helps them build a strong foundation for their recovery post-treatment.

Therapies Commonly Used

Compulsive Gambling Help

Therapy sessions with a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is a certified gambling and substance abuse counselor.

Individual Therapy

Meet regularly with an individual therapist to address underlying behavioral and emotional issues

Fitness and Wellness

Promote self-care and physical and emotional healing with fitness classes, ropes course activities, hikes and sports.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Bond with the horses and learn valuable lessons about respect, empathy and communication.

Somatic Experiencing

Discover different sensations while being guided by a trained therapist to begin releasing stored emotions.

Sweat Lodge

Sit in a sacred space to sing, pray, chant and express feelings. Performed by therapeutic staff with extensive training in the Lakota Sweat Lodge Tradition.

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At The Ranch treatment centers, we meet clients wherever they are on their path to recovery, trust they will show us where they need to go, and then help lead the way.