Substance Abuse Treatment at The Ranch

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Treated at: Tennessee and Pennsylvania

Substance abuse treatment at The Ranch addresses the full spectrum of underlying issues and co-occurring disorders that fuel addiction. Our specially trained clinicians help clients learn to manage the difficulties that have driven their drug and alcohol use such as trauma, mental health conditions and challenging relationships. At The Ranch alcohol and drug rehab, clients don't just get sober, they learn healthier coping skills to replace destructive behaviors. Treatment is individualized, taking into account each client's preferences, issues and background so that their experience is relevant and meaningful.

Detox Center

Our medical staff helps clients safely and comfortably eliminate drugs and alcohol from their bodies with research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Our 24/7 medical team monitors vital signs around the clock and attends to any discomfort.

Inpatient Rehab

Our residential treatment program allows clients to take a step away from their daily lives to focus on recovery. While living in home-like residences, clients participate in daily treatment activities like individual and group therapy as well as experiential approaches.

Outpatient Rehab and Partial Hospitalization(Mississippi location only)

Our outpatient drug rehab and partial hospitalization program (PHP) helps clients ease back into their daily lives with continued clinical and peer support. Clients can address triggers they encounter in their jobs, school, relationships and social lives with the help of our outpatient treatment team.

Continued Recovery

Treatment is only the first step in recovery. Each client leaves with a comprehensive aftercare plan to provide the support they need for long-term recovery. They'll also join our extensive alumni network with opportunities to attend alumni meetings and connect with sober peers.

Therapies Commonly Used

Individual Therapy

Meet regularly with an individual therapist to address underlying behavioral and emotional issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and gain control over emotions and actions.

12-Step Study

Built upon a sense of community and purpose, this is a 12-step/Big Book approach to recovery.

Adventure Therapy

Teaches important recovery lessons about trust, communication, perseverance, team-building and overcoming obstacles.

Motivational Interviewing

Empowers clients to discover their own motivation to change.

Family Therapy

Explore family issues, roles and relationships and set boundaries with loved ones.