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The Women’s Eating Disorder Recovery Center at The Ranch

The women’s eating disorder recovery center at The Ranch is a place of nurturing and healing. The women who come here are surrounded by serenity, tranquility and beauty in nature. Our home is nestled next to a picturesque, working pasture, with horses grazing – near our barn and indoor equine center. The living arrangements are warm and inviting, with comfortable bedrooms and accommodations. The dining area and state-of-the-art culinary kitchen provide a view to area wildlife, with passing deer, hummingbirds and nesting waterfowl.

We offer individualized primary treatment for women age 18 and older who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders, as well as any co-occurring disorders. Our program is one of the few in the country that treats eating disorders concurrently with co-occurring disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse or dependence, mood/anxiety disorders, self-injury, process addictions or personality disorders. We have decades of experience working with clients who have multiple co-occurring disorders and understand how these challenges can thwart the recovery process if not fully addressed.

To facilitate healing, our program is small and personal, with no more than 15 clients at any time. Clients are attended to by an experienced team of physicians, clinicians, psychiatric nurse practitioners and registered dietitians.

Our program consists of:

  • Weekly individual sessions with a primary therapist, ancillary therapist and registered dietitian
  • Complete meal-time support with clients learning to prepare and plate their meals followed by after-meal processing to explore each client’s relationship with food
  • Individualized treatment planning and weekly treatment team staffing
  • Healing deep wounds with experienced trauma therapists
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) groups to assist with emotion regulation
  • Relational work with food, body and self
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, Hakomi and other ancillary therapies designed to reduce anxiety and response to emotionally charged memories
  • The Daring Way™ curriculum, developed by renowned researcher and TedX speaker Brene’ Brown, PhD, designed to cultivate shame resiliency
  • Medical and psychiatric care by an onsite medical team that includes a board certified psychiatrist, board certified internal medicine specialist, psychiatric nurse practitioners and 24-hour registered nursing
  • Comprehensive family program that includes weekly family therapy sessions and a three-day family workshop
  • Experiential therapies such as equine-assisted psychotherapy, adventure therapy, and art and music therapy
  • Exposure to life experience/social learning model activities, including restaurant outings, grocery outings, dessert groups and others
  • Special emphasis on mindfulness
  • Integration of mind, body and spirit as a part of treatment and recovery
  • Exposure to outside self-help groups, including Emotions Anonymous and Eating Disorders Anonymous
  • Access to voluntary faith-based services and group discussions, if desired

We believe in what we do because, over and over, we see the transformations. At The Ranch, clients who arrive in pain find the space and strength to put the past to rest, rediscover the best of themselves, and move forward with a new vision for a whole, vital and productive future.

The Eating Disorders Team

Our team is known for its skill and dedication. Collectively we have decades of training and experience treating eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. We are one of only a few programs nationwide that offers equine-assisted psychotherapy administered by two master’s level clinicians who are also equestrians.

Our Staff

Lynn Sucher, MC, LPC
Interim Director, Eating Disorder Services

Valerie Martin, LMSW
Primary Therapist

Lauren Herman, MEd, NCC
Primary Therapist

Ginny Leary, MS, LPC
Primary Therapist

Courtney Askew, MS, RD, LDN
Nutrition Services Coordinator

Anna Cragon, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian

Lee Roach, MS, RD
Nutritionist and Eating Disorder Consultant

Mary Nadler, BA
House Manager


Hank, the therapy horseThe Windsong Horse

Hank is an important part of the eating disorder program at The Ranch. Hank is a wonderful therapy horse, but he has “eating issues” and has to be fed special grain three times a day. The clients and staff at Windsong have adopted Hank and he lives in the pasture behind the house with his best friend Albert, the donkey.

The clients and staff are responsible for feeding Hank his special food every day. This therapeutic service project allows our clients to take responsibility for helping Hank, who in return, thrives on the care provided by his friends at Windsong.

This relationship is rich in metaphor and provides another avenue in which to work with our clients. The joy and lessons in recovery that Hank and Albert bring make them treasured members of The Ranch family.

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