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Dangers of Substance Abuse: Three Reasons to Seek Treatment Today

The dangers of substance abuse go further than just the threat of becoming addicted. Using chemical substances in ways other than they were intended to be used can make you sick. It can affect every area of your life, from your physical health to the lives of your spouse, children, and other loved ones. When one member of a family suffers, everyone hurts. If you’ve begun using a prescription or illicit medication in a way that your physician didn’t intend, seek treatment now. The sooner you’re able to stop a substance use disorder in its tracks, the less damage it can wreak on your life and on the lives of those who love you. Recovery Ranch, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Nunnelly, Tennessee, is ready to help you alleviate the dangers of substance abuse before they damage your life in the following ways.

1. Substance Abuse Wrecks Your Physical and Mental Health

Regardless of what type of drugs you may be using, they’re taking a physical and emotional toll. You may not realize this because taking them generally feels good, but over the long term, substance use disorder is very damaging to both your mind and body. It can cause many medical problems, including:

  • Memory loss and cognitive decline
  • Heart, liver, lung, and kidney damage or failure
  • High blood pressure, erratic heartbeat, heart disease
  • Hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, aggression
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts
  • Seizure, coma, death

Opioids can cause you to accidentally overdose, resulting in your death. Synthetic or designer drugs may dose you with harmful ingredients such as rat poison or lighter fluid. Benzos can cause damage to your brain and nervous system that never heals. There are reasons why doctors prescribe medications in certain ways. Most are intended for short-term use only. And even if your physician prescribes a long-term maintenance drug, he’ll still want to see you back periodically to make sure it’s not negatively impacting such major organs as your liver or kidneys. Abusing a drug, any drug, has the potential to be fatal. If you’re struggling, seek treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in Tennessee today.

2. Substance Abuse Destroys Your Relationships

Other dangers of substance abuse include how it affects the people around you. When you’re focused on the drug, you neglect or alienate the people who love you. Substance use disorder breeds anger — your spouse becomes angry because you’re unavailable to them emotionally. This, in turn, makes you angry because you feel they’re unreasonable. Your friends may become angry because you keep canceling dates with them or because you’re never available when they need you. Your children become angry because their home is always in a state of chaos, and they can’t have friends over. Addiction may also encourage you to make bad decisions, such as engaging in unprotected sex or in sex with the wrong partner. Even if you find a partner who’s loving and attentive, your addiction may alienate them to the point where they want to leave the relationship.

3. Substance Use Affects the Next Generation

Perhaps one of the biggest dangers of substance abuse is the effect it has on children in the home. Experts estimate that there are over 28 million children of alcoholics in America today. Of those, more than 6 million are under the age of 18. These children will become adults who suffer from a range of problems, including:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Feelings of guilt/shame
  • Inability to trust others and themselves
  • Substance use disorder

One of the worst dangers of substance abuse is that it’s passed down through generations. This doesn’t have to happen to your family, however. You can stop it today by seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at Recovery Ranch. Recovery Ranch is a judgment-free, safe haven in Nunnelly, Tennessee, where you can recover away from the stress of a hectic life. Situated next to the scenic Piney River, among the rolling foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, we offer a peaceful place for healing to begin. Call us today at 1.844.876.7680 to begin your journey.

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