Food Can Also be an Addiction

Most of us tend to think of addictions in the form of illegal substances but that is not always the case. Food can also be an addiction but we may not understand just how difficult it is to overcome food-related addictions such as anorexia, binge eating and bulimia, according to a recent blog post. Some people believe that overeaters should simply stop eating and that they can control these behaviors. What people fail to realize is that people with food addictions have the same mental and physical responses as people who crave cocaine or other illegal substances. Those who suffer from food addictions suffer the hardest addiction of any because our bodies need food for survival. We cannot live without food and when we eliminate food altogether we are faced with anorexia which is another disorder. Mental disorders that are linked with food addictions can also be detrimental to your health. When someone is trying to stop overeating they are faced with many obstacles to overcome. They are confronted with their addiction each day, at least three times daily. People addicted to drugs are forced to keep the drugs away from them altogether in order to overcome their addiction. They also have the opportunity to stay away from the things the cause them to use their addictive substance. Food addicts don’t have the same benefit because they still have to eat in order to live. Food addicts are still faced with the same behaviors as a drug addict, justification, lying, lack of control, and zero coping skills. Once you can identify your addiction, whatever it may be, it is easier to get over it. Whatever addiction you suffer from, know you can overcome your addiction and that there is help. If you know your triggers and develop a plan to stay away from them, that is your best defense against your addiction.

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