iPhone Recovery App

The iPhone app,  iPromises Recovery Companion, is a great tool for those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.  The app is free in the iTunes store and puts a number of excellent tools at your fingertips. > Triggers and Visual Journal The triggers feature allows you to choose those behaviors, attitudes, and situations that put you at risk.  When you set up the app, choose your triggers. Then, on a daily basis, begin keeping the Visual Journal. This is an easy way to track your moods over time. You simply select a visual icon for how you are feeling that day, any challenges you face, and any accomplishments you’ve achieved. If at any time you choose an icon in your Visual Journal that matches up with one of your Triggers, you will get a pop-up message alerting you that you’ve indicated a trigger.  The pop-up allows you to dial your sponsor with one click should you choose to reach out (a very good idea if you are feeling vulnerable). > Travel Section On the road in recovery?  The Travel Section allows you to located the nearest AA interoffice, dial with a click, and get the most current meeting information where ever you might be. > Reflections You can get a great message every day in recovery with this section of the app. Helpful tips, meaningful quotes, or strategies for recovery are included. There is a new reflection for every day of the year. > Share Meetings, Get Meetings Let’s say you are sitting in a new meeting that you love. You can add that meeting to your phone, and using the geolocating feature of the phone, automatically add the address of the building where you are sitting!  Now maybe someone else at that meeting as the iPromises app as well. You’d like to know which other meetings they like.  You can ask if they will share their meetings with you – and you can add them to your phone right then and there. The iPromises Recovery Companion allows you to keep track of all your peers in recovery and create a great list of contacts – don’t forget to put your sponsor in there – you can dial them with a single click! To learn more visit the iPromises Recovery Companion website

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