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Life Coaching for Recovery

At Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, we help clients with alcohol and drug use disorders go through detox in a safe, structured environment. We also offer numerous programs at our substance abuse treatment center that include life skills coaching for healthy ways to deal with stress and trauma. Learn more about how life coaching for recovery at a treatment center serves an important role during your time at the center and in your daily life in recovery.

Life Coaching for Recovery

Life coaching for recovery involves finding your strengths and relying on them to help you recover. This will help you resist cravings for alcohol and deal with stress more productively. Our recovery coaches work with you to develop solid decision-making skills for your life after recovery. You develop strategies to stop addiction and find better ways to cope with negative thoughts and feelings.

Part of the recovery process includes coming up with a plan for continued sobriety after you leave Recovery Ranch in Tennessee. Your life coach guides you through steps that might include holistic activities, such as yoga, journaling, and meditation, that help you rewire your brain to more productive ways of dealing with adversity.

Recovery coaches don’t offer primary treatment, such as diagnosis. Instead, they help you strategize on how to reenter the community without relapsing. Topics covered may include building a network of support when you return home, education or career goals, and strategies for maintaining healthy relationships with those around you. Consequently, this may include editing your relationships to avoid those who bring negativity or encourage you to drink.

A life skills training program for recovery can extend beyond your experience in our alcohol addiction treatment center. Unlike the work you do in individual and group therapy, your work with a life coach does not focus on the past. In fact, they place little emphasis on feelings. Instead, your Recovery Ranch life coach focuses on the future so that you can begin thinking about living without drugs or alcohol in a concrete way.

Our Life Coaching for Recovery Program

Life coaching for recovery brings you many benefits. In our life skills training course, clients learn accountability through the encouragement and support of a caring coach.

Benefits of the program at an alcohol addiction treatment center include:

  • A decrease in harmful, self-destructive behavior
  • Greater self-esteem and self-reliance
  • Ability to make and work toward life goals
  • Development of healthy coping strategies
  • Money management skills
  • Job-seeking skills

Life coaching for recovery provides the emotional support many clients crave. Some clients choose to seek the help of a professional life coach to help them stay on track. Here are some of the ways effective coaches support lifelong recovery through therapy programs and other methods:

  • Mentoring and introduction of new activities that build on your strengths
  • Referrals to legal, wellness, and health assistance programs
  • Provide support for stressful tasks such as obtaining licenses and insurance, job applications, and family healing
  • Introduce clients to new communities that support sober living — church, clubs, NA, and AA, to name a few.
  • Provide non-judgmental support

Substance Abuse Recovery Center in Tennessee

At Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, we offer a variety of programs that are tailored to your needs to help prepare you for a life free of drugs and alcohol. Our treatment programs include substance abuse treatment programs and mood disorder treatment programs.

Life coaching for recovery in just one of the ways that you can develop skills that help you deal with issues that arise without returning to substance abuse. Contact Recovery Ranch Tennessee at 1.844.876.7680 for more information on how to sign up for our treatment services today.

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