OMG Diet Book Tops the Bestseller List But May Cause an Eating Disorder Epidemic

A new self-published eBook has shot to the very top of the bestseller list and given its author a seven figure deal. The book is called Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier than All Your Friends and is written by author Venice A. Fulton, under his pen name. He claims to use a combination of biochemistry, genetics, psychology and to help readers lose body fat and decrease cellulite. He says readers will lose 20 pounds of their body fat. The problem is it seems the new diet has become a trend among teenagers already and psychologists are worried it could create widespread eating disorders, according to a recent article. Deanne Jade, a psychologist with the National Center for Eating Disorders worries because teenagers are known to try anything. Jade adds the diet uses its psychology against young people who are vulnerable and encourages competitions to lose weight in an unhealthy manner. The diet plan by OMG suggests you skip breakfast which is a known weight-loss disaster, according to expert Linia Patel. Patel says if you skip a meal like breakfast you actually put more stress and strain on your body making you more likely to gain pounds around your mid-section. She also says you’ll want fatty and sugary things when you are really hungry and this only adds to weight gain. The diet also says you should drink some coffee before your workout. The author claims the caffeine will help to boost exercise regimens. Jade says that the idea of drinking only black coffee will stimulate the adrenal system by sucking minerals and vitamins that your body needs causing damage to your thyroid. Many weight loss experts express great concern over the popularity of the new OMG book because it encourages such extreme behaviors and especially so among impressionable young teens.

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