Friends at sober nights out in Nashville

Sober Nights Out in Nashville

Nashville, sometimes referred to as the center of the country music industry, is a bustling city known for its music scene, delicious foods, strong drinks and rollicking nightlife scene. So much so that a popular Nashville slogan says, Eat, drink, and celebrate everything in Nashville.” While this may be what makes Nashville famous around the world, Nashville also has no lack of exciting and enjoyable activities to experience while on a path to recovery or while living a lifestyle of sobriety. 

The idea of traveling, vacationing or even having a simple night out with friends while living a sober lifestyle can feel daunting for some, especially during the first few sober trips or outings you take. You may ask yourself,  “Can I still have fun?” 

“Can I still have fun on a sober night out in Nashville?” 

The answer, of course, is yes! You can absolutely still have fun while working on your road to recovery or living a sober lifestyle. Sobriety does little to stand in the way of having a great time. Look at it this way, being drunk or hungover often limits the activities you can do, making it hard to see and experience the beautiful sights, taste the exotic foods or experience the local culture while exploring a new city or having a night out. 

So even though Nashville has a reputation for its party scene and nightlife, that does not mean you cannot enjoy that while living sober. Here are some ideas for fun and sober nights out in Nashville. Get out there and explore music city!

Get Active

Centennial Sports Plex offers a wide variety of group fitness classes. It also includes a large aquatics center, tennis center and ice arena. Choose from a public skating session to an open hockey session. The options are endless, but all prove to be an opportunity to have an awesome time! 

Get sweaty and try your hand at rock climbing at Climb Nashville. With a couple of locations and plenty of programs and classes they offer, you are sure to find a fun and healthy night out at Climb Nashville. 

Try out an escape room, scavenger hunt or axe throwing for a unique evening out. Nashville is home to several great options. 

Get Cultural

Take a stroll past The Parthenon in Centennial Park, visit the Centennial Art Center Courtyard and Herb Garden or visit the national arboretum at nearby Vanderbilt University. 

Visit The Belcourt Theater, a unique nonprofit Nashville theater with a vibrant historic past and deep roots in the community. Whether you choose to watch an independent documentary, repertory or classic movie, you will most certainly enjoy the experience. 

If you are interested in musical shows, see a concert at the Nashville Symphony

Get Hungry

Take a tour of Nolensville Pike and sample an array of international foods. Or stop by to try the world-famous Nashville hot chicken at Hattie B’s. Be prepared to line up, but boy, is it worth it! 

This blog, Eater Nashville, is dedicated to providing an updated list of the top 38 restaurants in the city. This list has it all, from the best tacos in town to a fine dining experience. 

Get In Tune

The options for musical outings out are endless. In the spring and fall, check out Musicians Corner in Centennial Park. Grab a blanket and listen to the showcase of musicians ranging from up-and-comers to living legends. 

Brush up on your music knowledge at the Johnny Cash Museum or the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Here, you’ll learn the rich history of Nashville’s country music scene and undoubtedly gain a deep appreciation for the genre—even if it’s not your thing. 

Get Creative

Try something new and take on a DIY project. Craft South and Board and Brush Creative Studio both have a large offering of workshops for just about everyone! Whether you are interested in learning how to sew or crochet or to create a personalized wood sign, they will have something for you. Alternatively, visit the Centennial Art Center Studio and take a pottery class amongst many others. 

The above ideas are just a handful of options for you to experience on a sober night out in Nashville. The opportunities are endless. If going out with friends or taking a vacation feels overwhelming or daunting to you, The Ranch Tennessee, located near Nashville, can help. If you or a loved one would benefit from a treatment program that focuses on the recovery from addiction or substance abuse and you are looking to break the cycle and achieve sobriety, call us now at 888-970-1137.

At The Ranch Tennessee, our experienced and friendly team helps clients begin their journey of healing. Reach out to us for more information on our programs and offerings, whether it’s your mental health that concerns you or your reliance on substances. Our team is waiting to meet you. 

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