Online – Out of Sorts

The ease of accessing the web may be leading users down a path of depression. The American Psychiatric Association recommends further research on internet use disorder, according to an online article. Researchers believe there is additional study needed on those individuals who spend a lot of time online and the feelings they develop when they’re not accessing the internet. Chronic users of the web may not have solid face-to-face relationships. They get their interaction with others through Facebook, email, online chatting and gaming. They don’t get out and socialize because they are developing a relationship within their computer. They isolate themselves and are comfortable only when they are alone and on the computer. They don’t do well in social settings because they haven’t allowed themselves to interact one-on-one in real life. They become depressed when they’re not on the computer and experience similar withdrawal symptoms to those who have developed an addiction to an illegal substance. All of these things contribute to unhappiness in their life and will only be a growing problem as technology improves and we continue to become more reliant on it. It is pretty amazing all the things you can do from your keyboard without ever having to leave the house. While convenience is key, we may be depriving ourselves of that human interaction that we so desperately need. As we continue to utilize online resources and pull ourselves further away from human contact, it’s no surprise that our real relationships would suffer. To know that perfect balance between healthy and perceived relationships is important to keep us out of a lonely road of depressed feelings and the only thing we have to turn to is our computers.

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