Working Too Much Can Be Detrimental

Hard work is always encouraged, but too much of anything is never good. According to a recent article researchers have now developed a scale to determine if a person is a workaholic. Working too much has been viewed as a psychological problem, but there has never been a point of assessment for the disease. Just as doing drugs and drinking too much, overextending your time in a place of employment can also be viewed as an addiction. Workaholics tend to immerse themselves in their jobs to escape from other things in their life. Whenever something negative is used to replace something positive in our day-to-day activities, then a problem may have developed. The scale that has been developed goes deeper than just asking whether you work more than the typical 40 hour work week. It measures how often you prioritize work ahead of other needs, whether it is family, social or private time. Working too many hours can be detrimental to a person’s health and can wreak havoc on their relationships. While hard work and dedication is applauded, other issues can develop when there is no down time for the person. People need a break from the stressors in their life. If they undergo extreme amounts of stress a majority of the time their body cannot withstand the constant pressures, therefore they often develop an illness or disease as a result. The types of people who are immersed in their work have a hard time stepping back and taking care of themselves rather than breaking from their job or other responsibilities that they have obsessed about over time. When they do not take a break from the daily grind, then it can sometimes be too late for their own well-being.

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