Women’s Love & Sex Addiction Treatment Program at CRSR

The Centers for Relationship and Sexual Recovery at The Ranch (CRSR) offer specialized intimacy, sex and relationship addiction treatment for both men and women in gender-specific, gender-separate treatment and living environments. These highly structured and individualized programs were developed by internationally known author, addiction specialist and educator Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, who maintains an active role on the staff at The Ranch.

Learn about The Link Between Sex, Love and Relationship Addiction and Disordered Eating

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Common Signs of Sex and Love Addiction in Women

Women who have been emotionally used, neglected or betrayed are especially vulnerable to relationship and intimacy addictions, though their acting out can assume different forms than that of male sex addicts. Some women repeatedly use sex to experience power over others despite the inevitable negative consequences, while others find themselves repeating unproductive patterns of pursuing romantic love with unavailable partners.

It is not unusual for The Ranch to treat women who are secretly having affairs while already in a primary relationship, alongside others who consistently find themselves single yet in an ongoing pursuit of the euphoria of romantic love. These very private and often shameful behaviors can remain masked by other more prominent concerns such as alcohol and drug addictions, eating disorders or excessive spending, yet they may lie at the heart of lifelong struggles with emotional stability and self-esteem.

At The Ranch, our experienced treatment team helps women sex and love addicts struggling with the following addictive behavior patterns, among others:

  • Endlessly searching for “the one”
  • Attracting troubled, addicted, abusive or otherwise emotionally unavailable partners
  • Mistaking sex and romance for intimate love
  • Using sex and/or love to mask loneliness or unhappiness
  • Changing one’s appearance through excessive dieting/exercise or surgery
  • Using seduction, sex or other schemes to attract or hold onto a partner
  • Multiple extramarital affairs
  • Compulsive masturbation with or without pornography
  • Making sexual advances toward individuals in subordinate power positions
  • Dressing seductively to attract attention, take risks or feel empowered
  • Having sex in high-risk locations or situations
  • Inappropriate sexual and relationship boundaries (e.g., engaging in a relationship with a married man or boss)
  • Trading sex for drugs, help, affection, money, status or power
  • Having anonymous sex or repeatedly “falling in love” with strangers

Specialized Sex and Love Addiction Treatment for Women

All treatment at The Ranch begins with a comprehensive assessment of each client’s life, relationship and sexual history. This information is utilized throughout treatment to help clients develop more loving relationships, greater intimacy and healthy sexuality.

Sex and love addiction treatment for women at The Ranch also includes:

  • Gender-specific, trauma-focused therapy with a trauma specialist
  • Daily group therapy and other individual work
  • Weekly equine therapy
  • Multi-day family program, which includes couples equine therapy sessions
  • Pastoral counseling available when requested
  • 12-Step meetings onsite and via electronic media (including Skype, phone and chat)
  • Weekly experiential learning days, including climbing, equine therapy and a ropes course
  • Fully gender-separate living, eating, recreational and treatment environment
  • Dedicated, gender-specific residential support staff
  • A licensed and highly experienced female therapist specifically dedicated to guiding clients throughout their entire CRSR stay

By treating sex, relationship and love addiction in conjunction with co-occurring issues, such as substance abuse, emotional trauma, eating disorders and other addictions, women are invited to address underlying issues that support unhealthy relationship patterns. Whether single or working together with a spouse or life partner, these women are encouraged to learn healthy boundaries and begin working toward genuine self-esteem and stable intimacy.

The Ranch utilizes a small, community-based model that encourages women to develop healthy, non-sexual relationships with other women in treatment. Within this community, women live together, eat together and participate in intensive group therapy as a unit, developing healthy bonds that nurture trust and self-care. It is within this safe, supportive environment that women can learn and practice the tools that foster enriched relationships and fuller lives.

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