Substance abuse treatment stands at the edge of a remarkable revolution spurred on by dedicated, knowledgeable researchers, experts and clinicians who’ve found that treatment is most effective when it is compassionate, respectful, and addresses the full spectrum of underlying issues and co-occurring disorders that fuel addiction. The Ranch alcohol and drug rehab is committed to the application of these advances in the field of substance abuse treatment.

We provide comprehensive treatment for a variety of substance abuse issues, including:

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Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Problems

Warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse vary depending on the substance, but may include:

  • Concern from others that one has a problem with alcohol or drugs
  • Needing more alcohol or other drugs to get the same desired effect or high
  • Withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol when use is discontinued
  • Unsuccessful attempts at quitting drugs or alcohol on one’s own
  • Drinking alcohol in secret or lying about drinking habits or how much alcohol one is consuming
  • Using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism to relax or feel better
  • Jeopardizing work and relationships due to drug or alcohol use
  • Taking more of painkiller/prescription medication than needed
  • Running out of pain medication/prescription pills before the prescription is eligible for refill
  • Shopping around for doctors for pain medication/prescription pills
  • “Blacking out” regularly from drinking too much
  • Not being unable to stop drinking once one starts (i.e., drinking the whole bottle of wine, all the beer in the house, etc.)
  • Drinking or drugging in dangerous situations, like at work, against doctor’s orders, while driving or in situations where one’s life or the lives of others are jeopardized
  • Relationship problems due to alcohol or drug use
  • Physical deterioration such as weight loss or poor hygiene or self-care practices
  • Withdrawal from friends and social activities
  • Sleeping more or less than usual

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is tailored to an individual’s specific underlying issues, life circumstances and any co-occurring mental health issues. Substance abuse treatment may begin with a detoxification and assessment phase, followed by inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, and finally comprehensive aftercare and support through individual counseling and support groups.

Interventions for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Sometimes a professional alcohol or drug intervention is necessary to help a loved one recognize a problem and get the help they need. The impact of seeing friends and family gathered out of concern and love can be the turning point that drives a person to enter drug or alcohol rehab. Most successful interventions include a professional interventionist who can coach participants on the most effective ways to voice their concerns to their loved one, guide the process, convey the seriousness of the problem to the loved one, and help provide a seamless transition into treatment.

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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Typically, alcohol or drug detox is the first step in treatment. It is important to undergo detox in a medically monitored setting where vital signs are monitored around the clock and evidence-based medications and medical care help ease withdrawal symptoms and ensure a safe, comfortable detox experience.

The Ranch treatment center offers a comprehensive assessment, stabilization and detox program that not only provides exceptional 24/7 medical care, but also includes approaches that help clients begin healing the mental and emotional wounds of addiction. Our drug detox program includes thorough biopsychosocial assessments so that clients enter their alcohol or drug rehab program equipped with a treatment plan that addresses any co-occurring disorders and underlying issues. Learn more about our stabilization and alcohol and drug detox program.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction requires an approach that not only eliminates the symptoms of substance abuse but also addresses the underlying issues that perpetuate drug use. This helps prevent relapse and cross addiction (exchanging one addiction for the other to self-medicate the same unaddressed underlying issues).

Our experience at The Ranch alcohol and drug rehab has taught us that our clients suffering from substance abuse and other mental health disorders flourish best in an environment of support and respect where they can make healthy choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. We work with clients wherever they are in the process of change, addressing their individual needs and personal concerns.

We do not insist that clients limit their identity to a narrow, self-fulfilling “addict” definition; instead, we help them identify addictive patterns of behavior and their relationship to the rest of the client’s life.

Our approach, while different from many traditional programs, is valued by the many substance abuse treatment centers that actively refer their clients to us for ongoing treatment because our program builds on our clients’ previous recovery work in powerful ways. As we support our clients in continuing and deepening their use of 12-step sponsorship, meetings, and step work, we encourage them to broaden their focus to explore how they are fashioning every aspect of their lives, and take responsibility for creating a life of personal empowerment and fulfillment.

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