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A stone’s throw from the banks of the serene and picturesque Piney River stands Piney Lodge, a state-of-the-art, person-centered assessment, stabilization, and detox center. The Ranch developed this unique, caring program to provide personal attention and support to each client as they begin their journal toward recovery. We understand the difficult challenges our clients face in early recovery; many are coping with the effects of trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders, or intimacy disorders. Piney Lodge’s integrative and medically managed model gives our clients a highly effective and comfortable stabilization that sets us apart from the typical detox program.

Piney Lodge at The Ranch is licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Residential Mental Health, Medically Managed Detoxification, and Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program. Clients receive exceptional medical care and supervision 24 hours a day so we can effectively and safely manage symptoms of withdrawal during the detoxification process. Each client receives a whole person assessment and psychiatric evaluation, as well as a comprehensive individualized treatment plan to address the challenges they face.

Piney Lodge is designed to provide each individual:

• A medically supported and safe environment where the most current, research-based pharmacotherapy is used to alleviate detox symptoms, which allows a more comfortable integration into The Ranch’s residential program or a smooth transition to the next phase of treatment and recovery.

• A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation provided by a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

• A History and Physical provided by a board-certified Physician with specialties in Family Practice and Addiction Medicine.

• A complete Nursing Assessment provided by licensed Nurses who effectively monitor care 24 hours a day.

• A whole person Nutritional Assessment and ongoing nutritional support provided by a Registered Dietician.

• An in depth Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment including twice weekly individual therapy with a masters level Primary Therapist.

• Ongoing twice weekly Family Education Group with family visitation on Sundays.

• An introduction to 12-step recovery, “The Four Agreements,” and other holistic approaches for healthy living.

Living in Wellness

We call our whole-person approach to life and self-care “Living in Wellness.” Clients benefit from a variety of therapeutic and educational services that aid in creating a solid foundation for recovery. The integrative therapeutic program focuses on mindfulness and life skills that will help each person heal not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Process groups are designed to help clients and their families overcome the fear and sense of isolation that often accompany addiction and behavioral health disorders. Additional services included are:

• Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups

• Medication Education

• Introduction into Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

• Introduction into Adventure Therapy

• Expressive Art Therapy

• Spirituality Group

• Restorative Yoga

• Heart Math

• Mindful Breathing and Practice

• Body Image Group

• 12 Step Meetings & “Four Agreements” Groups

Programming at Piney Lodge at The Ranch focuses on enhancing communication skills, healthy boundaries, relapse prevention, development of coping styles, and craving reduction, as well as education on current brain and neurological science that will help each client understand his or her disorder.

We also offer other adjunctive therapies and evaluations based on medical or therapeutic recommendation, such as:

• Hypnotherapy

• Brain Spotting


• EEG Biofeedback (Neuro-feedback)

• Psychological Testing and Evaluation

• Eating Disorder Assessment

• Sexual Disorder Assessment

Our Mission

Piney Lodge at The Ranch offers each client the tools and resources needed to effectively engage in recovery. We understand that every one of our clients has hopes and dreams that have been buried in dysfunction. By awakening those hopes our clients move from a “survive” to a “thrive” lifestyle and begin a remarkable journey to discover their authentic self. That journey begins at Piney Lodge at The Ranch.


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