10 Weirdest Pot Products

With medicinal marijuana legal in 25 states and recreational marijuana legal in four plus the District of Columbia, pot is becoming more and more mainstream. Entrepreneurs are now making the drug available in more than just blunts, bongs and brownies. Below, we take a look at some unusual cannabis products you may not yet know about. But before you get too fired up about new ways to consume weed, know that today’s marijuana — which can contain 30% THC and more — is anything but benign. (THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that makes people high.) By contrast, THC levels in marijuana 30 years ago were well below 10%. The higher THC concentrations could mean “a greater chance of an adverse or unpredictable reaction,” particularly in new users, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “For frequent users,” the agency says, “it may mean a greater risk of addiction.” The spike in THC levels has also been blamed for an increase in emergency room visits involving marijuana use. Although the products mentioned here may seem harmless, there is always a danger of abuse or dependence with any substance. If you’re worried about your own reliance on pot or any other drug, there is help available.

Weed Beef Jerky

You won’t find this delicacy near the cashier at 7-Eleven. “Reef Jerky,” a marijuana-infused beef jerky, offers a salty option for those used to the realm of sugary edibles.

Cannabis Pizza Sauce

L.A.-based Podey Pizza has started selling jars of pot-infused pizza sauce at marijuana dispensaries. Each 5-ounce jar contains 300 mg of cannabis, enough for one large pizza or two smaller ones.

Air Freshener and Scented Candles That Smell Like Weed

Freshen your place with the aroma of marijuana. Beeswax candles and non-aerosol spray mist to scent your home or office are now available. There’s even a leaf-shaped air freshener for your car.

Weed Tampons

A company called Foria recently created “cannabis vaginal suppositories” as a way to help women deal with the pain of menstrual cramps. These cannabis-laced tampons also relax muscles and release feel-good chemicals in the brain. It’s the Midol of ganja.

Weed Vaporizer Disguised as Asthma Inhaler

A discreet way to vape, this pot inhaler masquerades as an asthma inhaler. It’s identical to the standard albuterol inhaler in every way, except that the liquid propellant is infused with cannabis. 

Whoopi Weed Bath Salts

Whoopi Goldberg has introduced a line of weed-infused products designed to give relief for the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps. The most popular is a bath soak featuring a blend of Epsom salts and cannabis.

Glow-in-the-Dark Marijuana Leaf Fake Nails

These glow-in-the-dark press-on nails are not only decorated with pot leaves, but they also contain actual pot.

Weed Coffee

Here’s the pick-me-up that will make you want to lie down on the couch and play video games for 36 hours. This cold-brew coffee is mixed with marijuana-infused coconut oil. It’s also referred to as a “hippie speedball.”

Ganja Gum

Advertised as “Double Bubble for Adults,” Ganja Gum looks and tastes just like the classic childhood gum except each piece is infused with 10 milligrams of cannabis.

Weed Bacon

A Seattle butcher has teamed up with a marijuana grower to raise pigs fed on pot plants. The so-called “pot-bellied porkers” are then turned into marijuana-infused bacon.

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