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Benefits of Group Therapy

The benefits of group therapy are many for someone who is attempting recovery from substance use disorder at Recovery Ranch in Tennessee. Often, problems and barriers are easier to discuss in a group setting, especially if other people in the group are experiencing similar issues. A group setting, monitored by a licensed therapist, is a good place to troubleshoot problems, collect input, and share achievements and failures. In other words, groups provide inspiration and motivation to maintain sobriety. Additionally, group therapy for substance use disorder is a useful socialization tool. Addiction causes isolation; therefore, a group setting helps counterbalance aloneness. It also makes clients feel as though they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. Inclusion and socialization are important factors in drug and alcohol treatment. Those aspects are only two of the main benefits of group therapy.

What Happens in Group Therapy?

When you report for your first group therapy session, you may find yourself in a comfortable space with 10 to 15 other people with whom you share commonalities. As part of a Recovery Ranch addiction treatment program, your group will include a licensed therapist or counselor who will facilitate the meeting. Group therapy is intended to be a safe, inviting environment where you can share your feelings with others, gather feedback and advice, and offer feedback of your own. As a result, by sharing with others who are also battling addiction, you may find new techniques and behaviors to keep you moving forward. Possibly, through your own experiences, you’ll be able to help others, as well.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

A group therapy session led by a licensed professional provides a range of benefits for those working toward addiction recovery. Ideally, these include:

  • Formal instruction on how to develop healthier coping skills and recovery behaviors
  • Helpful feedback from both your therapist and peers
  • The opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with others who understand
  • A warm and non-judgmental setting to talk about the problems you’re experiencing
  • A sense of contribution and belonging
  • The opportunity to help others
  • The chance to discover new techniques and resources

Group therapy sessions are usually only a part of a complete addiction recovery program. However, they go a long way toward helping someone who’s isolated and alienated feel more normal.

Group Therapy as a Place to Share Achievements

Many clients in recovery enjoy sharing their milestones and achievements in group therapy, and such action is encouraged. For example, by hearing the accomplishments and successes of those who’ve been there, you may begin to realize that recovery is possible for yourself. The accomplishments shared in the group may be small. For instance, you may admit that it’s been one day since you’ve used a drug. However, it may be as large as talking about your one-year milestone. Therefore, clients may discuss drug and alcohol use, family, temptation, triggers, childhood, and more within the safe haven of a group therapy session. The ability to vent without judgment and finding the motivation to change are two of the biggest benefits of group therapy.

Group Therapy at Recovery Ranch in Tennessee

If you’re searching for a drug and alcohol treatment center that offers group therapy, Recovery Ranch in Tennessee is a quality option. Offering the highest level of care, surrounded by the healing powers of nature, Recovery Ranch is a peaceful respite away from the stress and anxiety of a hectic lifestyle. Relax and recover on our scenic sprawling campus that’s neatly situated next to the picturesque Piney River. Explore a range of treatment options that include:

  • Group, individual, and family therapies
  • Adventure and experiential therapies
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation

At Recovery Ranch, we’re ready to lead you gently through our treatment program, step-by-step, helping you acclimate along the way. The benefits of group therapy at Recovery Ranch are many. As a result, we can help you break away from addiction and begin life anew if you reach out today. Call us at 1.844.876.7680 for help to recover from drug or alcohol addiction in Tennessee.

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