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How Do I Manage Stress?

At Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, we emphasize the importance of developing healthy ways to deal with stress. Are you wondering how you should manage stress after recovery? Our aftercare program helps you build a network of support by connecting you with other clients who have completed the program. In the meantime, learn how stress can contribute to substance abuse disorder and how you can find better ways to deal with it.

Stressful Situations In Recovery

After you attend our substance abuse treatment center, you still have to deal with triggers, stress, and cravings in your everyday life. Some clients wonder how they can manage stress without relapsing. In our life skills training program, a life coach helps you begin the healing process by looking forward to the future — instead of dwelling on past mistakes.

Learn to take accountability for your thoughts and feelings in a structured, supportive environment.

The benefits of learning positive ways to deal with stress include:

  • Decrease in self-sabotaging
  • Improved self-reliance
  • Ability to set and achieve life goals
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Effective coping strategies
  • Ability to manage your money
  • Improved personal relationships

The road to recovery has many challenges to your sobriety. However, knowing how to deal with stress gracefully greatly improves your chances to maintain clean living.

How Do I Manage Stress at Work and Home?

Make building a support system your priority when you get out of recovery. This can include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other programs based on the 12-step therapy program. Others find hope and comfort in attending church and engaging in group and individual therapy sessions.

If you want to know how to manage stress, here are some additional steps you can take to stay calm:

  • Take mental breaks. Just as you learn in a cognitive-behavioral therapy program or dialectical behavioral therapy program, it is important to stay positive. You can replace negative thoughts with healthier ones with practice and patience.
  • Exercise every day. Exercise can reduce stress and boost your mood as well as help you develop a stronger body. You can manage your stress by literally working it out until you calm down.
  • Eat healthy meals. Everyone enjoys junk food every now and then. However, the adage is true. You are what you eat. Choose a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables to help build up your body, which may become depleted after years of substance abuse.
  • Write it down. Writing your feelings in a journal helps you work through stressful emotions and has a therapeutic calming effect for many people. You can record your victories too. Did you successfully navigate a stressful situation while avoiding triggers? Share it with your journal and refer to positive entries when you feel discouraged.

How Do I Manage Negative Thoughts?

Some people find comfort in turning to a higher power. When negative thoughts won’t dissipate, it is important to have someone or something to turn to for strength. Whether you pray, talk to an understanding friend or your sponsor, or meditate, find a safe outlet for negativity.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Come to Recovery Ranch in Tennessee to benefit from our drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs. If you are ready to get a handle on the triggers that underlie your addiction, we can help. Our substance abuse treatment program includes medically assisted therapy, licensed therapists, and an atmosphere of love. We hope to help you start the healing process and get your life back on track. Call us at 1.844.876.7680 today for more information on our services and to learn how you can manage stress before and after recovery.

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