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How to Fill Your Time Sober in Quarantine

Staying quarantined because of requirements related to the coronavirus takes a toll on individuals with alcohol use disorders. It also takes a toll on those that have an addiction to other drugs. There are ways to fill your time sober in quarantine. There are also ways that you can still get the treatment that you need at The Recovery Ranch, which continues providing treatment for individuals during the coronavirus.

The pandemic has proved to be a difficult time for most people. Without the daily structure of going to work and being away from our normal routines, many people are having a hard time adjusting. This is causing many people to turn to substances. Several sources report dramatic increases in alcohol use and drug use during COVID-19. Learning how to fill your time sober in quarantine potentially helps prevent relapse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avoid Substances During the Coronavirus

Individuals in recovery know the risks and the consequences of relapse, even when there is not a coronavirus pandemic or other emergencies that require quarantine. Our east coast addiction treatment center welcomes individuals into treatment right now that struggle with staying sober during the quarantine. The addiction treatment staff at The Recovery Ranch recognizes the risks associated with social distancing, quarantine, and having an alcohol use disorder or another substance use disorder.

Several sources warn about the dangers associated with drinking alcohol, using drugs, and unsuccessful attempts at discovering how to fill your time sober during the quarantine. The truth is that alcohol use compromises the immune system, and can make you more susceptible to developing COVID-19. Researchers published an article on addiction during the coronavirus, and called it a ‘collision.’

There are many risks associated with alcohol use during the coronavirus crisis. It is a myth that drinking alcohol kills the coronavirus. There are considerable dangers of giving in to the fears associated with this myth. Additionally, you should not be drinking because you do not know how to fill your time sober in quarantine. There are many other healthy alternatives to drinking that can help you fill your time during the quarantine.

Things to Do to Fill Your Time

Your days likely seem boring right now, but there are things that you can do when you are wondering how to fill your time sober in quarantine. Some fun, free things that you can do right now include:

  • Listening to musicians who are offering free mini-concerts
  • Checking out free classes offered by fitness and yoga studios
  • Watching some free movies or sporting events that many cable and streaming sources are offering
  • Taking a free class at major universities or learning a new language online
  • Checking out free cooking classes offered online
  • Sitting outside, walking, or jogging for fresh air and exercise

People that use opioids that have an addiction to methamphetamines or an addiction to other drugs potentially feel that they have nowhere to turn right now. The Recovery Ranch offers many different addiction treatment programs to help you through these difficult times.

Regain Control of Your Life

When you feel that you need a safe, structured environment because you cannot determine how to fill your time sober in quarantine, The Recovery Ranch team is here for you. Our substance abuse treatment programs and the mental health treatment programs can help you get your life back, and learn to live without turning to alcohol or other drugs.

Contact The Recovery Ranch at 1.844.876.7680 today, and start your path to recovery. Or, contact us to get back on the road to recovery, free of the effects of alcohol and other drugs.

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