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How to Help an Addict

The Short Answer: How to Help an Addict

The dedicated treatment staff at The Ranch knows that there is no short or simple answer on how to help an addict. The biggest way an addict can be helped is if they want to help themselves. There are small ways you can help someone you know suffering from addiction, including:

  • Talking to them openly and without judgment
  • Driving them to therapy or doctor’s appointments
  • Showing restraint when they ask for money
  • Contacting a professional for guidance

How to Help an Addict Find Treatment

There are many treatments available to answer the question – how to help an addict?. Finding the right treatment begins with a consultation with an intake coordinator. Having a proper evaluation at the start and during treatment helps to individualize treatment. Help your loved one open up and explain the depth of their addiction. Decide if they want to talk to the addiction specialist on their own or with you alongside. You can always discuss your own concerns privately with the coordinator. Now it is their hands to come up with an individualized treatment plan based on all of the information.

Regaining Control at The Ranch

Together, we can uncover the best treatment programming for your loved one’s particular situation. We take into account drug use history, as well as their ability to work and receive treatment at the same time. Considering the task of recovery throughout their life and the treatment process is crucial. That’s why we take our time and it can begin right now. Regaining the control that they lost can begin with your help.

Utilizing AA

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous has been a self-help recovery program since 1935. With over 2 million members in over 100 countries around the world, AA has emphatically answered how to help an addict. The programming works in conjunction with professional treatment, initially. However, addiction is a lifelong disease.

Joining a program like this during or immediately after addiction treatment will help an addict. Addiction is still present while they are in recovery. It is important to remember that addiction will always be a part of their life. However, Alcoholics Anonymous can be an extremely effective tool in maintaining your sobriety for the rest of their life.

The Ranch is in the business of helping people through addiction and substance abuse treatment programs. We also have a process addiction program for those who are addicted to behavior such as gambling, or sex addiction. The treatment is available, it’s a matter of encouraging your loved one and them finding the motivation for recovery.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy is a treatment modality that is quite effective in how to help an addict. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is about changing the negative thoughts and behaviors that got you to abuse substances or alcohol in the first place. This treatment modality is a subset of psychotherapy or talk therapy. The focus is placed on your thoughts. Thoughts themselves have to change in order to build up a solid foundation of sober living. Thinking about behaviors in a professional setting with a licensed psychotherapist will have a profound effect on preventing relapse.

How to Help an Addict at The Ranch

Finding specialized substance abuse treatment will help your loved one if they’re ready. Let them know it is always available.

The Ranch’s specialized treatment includes:

The staff at The Ranch wants to encourage you and your loved one. Start the process today by contacting us at 1.844.876.7680. We can answer your question on how to help an addict.

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