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Is Alcohol a Drug?

At Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, new clients often ask, “Is alcohol a drug?” If you find yourself drinking more and longer than you planned, you may wonder if you have a drinking problem. Alternately, the thought might not cross your mind because people tend to consider alcohol and drugs two separate categories — because alcohol is legal. If you are struggling with alcohol abuse, seek help from a substance abuse treatment center for help.

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Yes, alcohol belongs to a family of drugs called depressants, which slow down your body’s vital functions. This results in unsteady movement, slurred speech, and slow reactions. Mentally, it reduces your ability to think rationally and impairs your judgment.

Despite its classification as a depressant, alcohol has two effects. When you first begin to drink, alcohol has a stimulant effect. For example, one beer or a glass of wine might loosen you up. However, if you drink more than your body can process effectively, alcohol becomes a depressant. This can cause you to lose coordination and other functions.

Alcoholic beverages contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol, produced by fermenting fruits and grains. During fermentation, yeast reacts with other ingredients to create alcohol.

Understanding What You Drink

Is alcohol a drug that can endanger your health and disrupt your life? That depends on your drinking habits and many psychological and physical predispositions that you may have no control over — and some you do.

The following list contains the alcohol content of several popular beverages:

  • Beer 2 to 6% ABV
  • Brandy 40% or more ABV
  • Cider 4 to 8% ABV
  • Wine 8 to 20% ABV
  • Rum 40% or more ABV
  • Gin 40 to 47% ABV
  • Whiskey 40 to 50% ABV
  • Vodka 40 to 50% ABV
  • Tequila 40% ABV
  • Liqueurs 15 to 60% ABV

Our drug and alcohol detox program can help you safely remove the alcohol from your system so that you can participate in our recovery programs. Receive help in a nonjudgmental environment with the assistance of medical staff and therapists dedicated to your recovery.

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Is alcohol a drug you should avoid? Many people drink alcohol socially with no signs of addiction. Others are prone to binge drinking and may become addicted if they continue to drink. At Recovery Ranch’s alcohol addiction treatment center, you learn new skills to deal with stress in healthy ways and resists cravings that can cause you to relapse.

You may have an alcohol use disorder if more than two of these activities apply to you:

  • Drink more alcohol than you planned
  • Drink more often than you anticipated
  • Have been unable to cut back your alcohol consumption
  • Spend a lot of mornings hungover
  • Crave alcohol to the exclusion of everything else
  • Struggle at school or work because of a drinking problem
  • Keep drinking even after it causes problems with family and friends
  • Stop other activities to drink more
  • Continue drinking even when it makes you anxious or depressed
  • Have withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, restlessness, nausea, sweating, seizure, or hallucinations

Is alcohol a drug that you need help to overcome? Experiencing two or three symptoms within the past year indicates mild alcohol problems. Four or five of these symptoms in the past year indicate moderate problems, while six or more may indicate severe alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol Detox Center in Tennessee

Is alcohol a drug that is impacting your quality of life? If you are ready to take the first step in your journey back to sobriety and living a productive life, contact Recovery Ranch in Tennessee at 1.844.876.7680 today. We can walk you through the rehab admissions process and help you learn more about our drug and alcohol detox center in Nashville.

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