Social Media and Anxiety

Teenagers today don’t remember a world without digital connections. Going a full day with no online access would send many Generation Z kids in a panic. At the same time that social media allows kids to connect with people from all over the world, it also leaves them vulnerable to peer pressure, bullying, and other negative influences that can cause anxiety. Learn how the link between social media and anxiety may lead to substance abuse and the treatment options available at Recovery Ranch in Tennessee.

Digital Technology

Millennials and even baby boomers are consistently connected to technology and nearly all of them have smartphones.

Let’s look at some important statistics on teens and technology, as follows:

  • Approximately 95% of teens use smartphones
  • Nearly half of teens are connected constantly
  • One in four teens thinks social media is negative
  • About 44% are online many times a day

These habits have followed millennials and Generation Y into adulthood and middle age.

Addiction and Social Media

Additionally, the same report shows that approximately 40% of teens feel overwhelmed when online drama erupts or feel pressured to maintain a certain online appearance.

For adults that experience social media and anxiety, the anxiety disorder treatment center at Recovery Ranch can provide positive coping tools to prevent or reduce panic attacks and feelings of fear and worry.

People who are connecting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and WeChat may not realize the mental health risks lurking on social media. Unfortunately, trauma that is experienced during adolescence can follow you into adulthood and lead to self-destructive behaviors, such as substance use disorders and addiction.

Our mental health treatment programs address underlying causes that allow clients to focus on their strengths. If you have mental health and co-occurring substance use disorder, our dual diagnosis treatment program helps you address both issues concurrently. Otherwise, the anxiety or other causes of your substance abuse issues remain unaddressed, threatening your ongoing recovery.

Social Media and Mental Health

Between peer pressure and unrealistic presentations of reality, social media can cause mental health concerns for users of all ages. In general, the fear of missing out (FOMO) further links social media and anxiety.

If you already experience anxiety, you may gravitate toward social media as a means of escape from everyday pressures. However, everything from posts on celebrity deaths to a shared link with no likes can trigger your anxiety or depression disorder. So, instead of finding calming cat memes, you may leave social media with more anxiety than before you logged on.

Social Media and Anxiety

According to Psychology Today, the withdrawal effects of social media may indicate a sedative function. When social media contains other stresses, it may further fuel anxiety. This addictive quality of social media and anxiety could trigger substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviors, especially if illicit substances are readily available.

With so much social media inviting comparisons (likes, followers, and emojis), it’s no wonder that it fuels anxiety for those who are more prone to anxiety disorders.

Substance Abuse and Anxiety Treatment

If you suspect that social media fuels your anxiety disorder, you may need help weaning yourself off of these platforms as well as overcoming a drug or alcohol use disorder. At Recovery Ranch in Tennessee, we conduct a full assessment during the rehab admissions process so that we can match you up with evidence-based and holistic therapies that would best benefit your situation. Contact us at 1.844.876.7680 today for more information on how our services can help you overcome addiction to social media and anxiety disorders. You do not have to suffer alone. Our team is available to help.

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