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The Many Types of Addiction: Not Just Drugs and Alcohol Anymore

Addiction can impact your life in more ways than one. In fact, there are many types of addiction, and not all of them are drug- or alcohol-related. Still, treatment is necessary to break the cycle, regardless of what disorder has you in its grasp. There is still a process and a methodology needed to help you or your loved one heal from anything that has more control over you than you have of yourself. We’ve listed several of the more prevalent types of addiction for which people today seek treatment.

Drug Addiction

When it comes to drug addictions, opioids are the drug of choice in America. Roughly 130 people die every day in this country because they overdose on opioid drugs such as prescription painkillers or heroin. Next in line come synthetic drugs such as Spice, Molly, or Meth. These drugs are cooked up in illegal labs, sometimes using toxic ingredients that can be harmful or fatal to the person who uses them. If you’re struggling to stop using prescription, illicit, or designer drugs, contact Recovery Ranch in Tennessee. In a word, we offer a full range of addiction treatment options to treat substance use disorder.

Addiction to Pornography

Porn addiction is another of the most pressing types of addiction. However, it is trickier to diagnose because it’s not an official disorder, according to the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Still, there’s no arguing that excessive viewing of porn causes problems in relationships and everyday life that don’t go away on their own. In general, porn addiction is widely recognized among many medical professionals as being a problem that requires treatment. For this reason, Recovery Ranch offers a program to help clients who are struggling. Reach out today.

Sex Addiction

Someone who is addicted to sex is unable to manage their sexual behavior. Not surprisingly, this is another addiction that’s not actually classified as such. Regardless, it’s a real problem for an estimated 12 million people in America today. Someone who is addicted to sex may find their days constantly preoccupied with persistent sexual thoughts. As a result, their work and home life suffers. Clients suffering from compulsive sex disorder may have trouble maintaining steady relationships. They’re also at a higher risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, they need treatment to take back control of their life.

Addicted to Alcohol

Alcohol use disorder affects roughly 14 million American adults. Ordinarily, someone who has this disorder finds their life spinning out of control. Accordingly, they have trouble maintaining jobs, relationships, and finances. Alcohol also takes a physical toll on those who consume too much of it. The effects of long-term alcohol abuse are many, including:

  • Liver disease
  • Brain damage
  • Malnutrition
  • Mouth and throat cancer
  • Nerve damage
  • Heart disease

If you struggle with alcohol use disorder, seek help without delay. Consequently, the longer you use alcohol, the worse impact it has on your mind and body. Recovery Ranch provides safe, effective detox and treatment for those battling alcohol. Give us a call today.

Treatment for All Types of Addiction at Recovery Ranch

At the present time, Recovery Ranch in Nunnelly offers a broad treatment program to address many types of addiction, including those listed here. Additionally, we offer a serene, sprawling campus and acres of wooded, scenic trails to stroll as you work through newly learned recovery behaviors. At Recovery Ranch, we believe nature is healing. For this reason, we’re situated snugly in the rolling foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, next to the Piney River. It’s quiet here, and welcoming. As a result, you’ll find us a warm, calming influence when you’re ready to heal from your addiction. Give us a call today at 1.844.876.7680 for more information regarding the many types of addiction we treat and how to begin your own journey to healing.

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