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What Is THC?

THC Defined: The Simple Truth

What is THC? THC is the chemical that is found in marijuana that makes it intoxicating, psychoactive, or mind-altering.

This chemical is found in the resin that is produced by the cannabis leaves and buds of the female cannabis plant. Understand that this plant contains more than 500 other chemicals. Part of that number is at least 100 compounds that are chemically related to THC. These compounds are called cannabinoids. In short, THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the component of marijuana that gets you “high”.

When marijuana use gets out of hand, reach out to the marijuana addiction treatment center in TN.

Why Am I Having A Problem With THC?

If you are having a problem with marijuana and wonder what is THC, then speaking with a counselor at The Ranch is in order. Marijuana use is increasing, if you’re having problems, you are not alone. In 1990 there was perhaps 4% THC content in a confiscated marijuana sample. In 2018, a confiscated marijuana sample contained more than 15% THC, according to the National Institute On Drug Abuse.

The concentration of THC in the drug will determine the level of mind-altering effects you may feel. As marijuana use increases, varying methods of ingesting marijuana arise. You may be having problems with marijuana because there is a higher concentration of THC in the drug. For example, smoking or eating THC infused hash oil is a popular way of ingesting THC today. Some samples have shown that this THC-infused hash oil has a 50 to 80% THC component.

What Is THC To You May Be Different From Your Friend

Just like any other drug, different people will feel the effects of THC differently. Some people experience a euphoric, relaxing state. Conversely, others report feeling anxious, and paranoid. Increased consumption, can cause extreme psychosis. THC can be ingested by smoking, eating in edible food such as brownies, and by water vapor.

These different methods deliver THC in varying quantities. THC is carried through the blood to the brain rather quickly when it is smoked or vaped. If you eat marijuana, the effects take longer to occur. You may not feel an effect for 30 to 40 minutes. However, smoking or vaping produces an effect in a few minutes.

We Are Dedicated To Helping You Put THC Down For Good

Is THC addictive? This is an arguable point. Many people are in treatment today due to THC use. If you’re feeling that you’re having a problem with THC and you cannot stop despite the negative impact on your life, you have an addiction to marijuana. Licensed and caring professionals are here to help. There is no reason for you to feel like you can’t handle this or why you’re having a problem when so many hundreds of thousands of people use marijuana recreationally. The bottom line is that everyone is different and everyone’s reaction to drugs will be different. Knowing what’s right for your body is a tremendous responsibility.

Stay On The Treatment Road Despite Changing Legislation

If you feel like you’re having a problem, seek a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Again, you are not alone if you’re having a problem with marijuana. Thousands of people seek emergency room treatment as a result of their marijuana use, according to The National Institute Of Health. The Ranch can answer the question – “What is THC?”  – as well as any substance abuse query.

Our ranch has two locations. One in Nunnelly, Tennessee, and one in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. Contact us and you can find the answer to “What is THC?” You don’t have to wonder anymore. THC is a highly potent compound that many people struggle with. When you come to treatment here at The Ranch, you will learn that your situation has some similarities with others.

The Ranch is a program that is dedicated to helping people reclaim their own stories. We have comprehensive mental health treatment along with comprehensive substance abuse treatment. If you are dually diagnosed, this is a perfect solution for your treatment needs. Our program offers:

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