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Myths About Drugs Keeping You From Helping Your Loved One

Myths About Drugs

It’s strange how the more you hear and repeat untruths, the more they seem correct. Many myths about drugs fall into the category. Learn the truth about drug myths and when to seek help at a drug addiction treatment center in Tennessee.

While some myths are harmless, others hurt or kill you. But learning the truth can set you free from the lies about drugs and addiction. Check out these seven untruths about drugs that we keep on hearing.

1. Only “Hard” Drugs Can Addict You

Some drugs indeed do a double whammy. They cause addiction. And you’re more likely to overdose or experience other serious consequences. But a drug doesn’t have to be heroin, meth, or cocaine cause addiction.

Addiction happens in the brain. It’s not all the drug’s fault despite the myths about drugs.

Given the right circumstances, you can get addicted to almost anything, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Prescription drugs
  • Food
  • Sex and love
  • Video games

When a person becomes addicted, the addiction strengthens the brain pathways that lead to fulfilling a craving. The stronger that path becomes, the harder it becomes to quit. For example, a person addicted to gambling feels a similar compulsion to gamble as a person addicted to heroin feels about getting their next fix.

2. All Addicts End Up Homeless and Broke

First of all, let’s stop labeling people as “addicts.” Addiction doesn’t have to define you or your loved one. Furthermore, they have a way of trapping us in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And about being homeless and broke, some people who abuse alcohol and drugs are high-functioning.

They hold down a job and care for a family.

But many of these individuals find themselves on a slippery slope. They’re one major event from devastation. And quite often their loved ones are suffering around them.

3. You Can Spot an Addicted Person a Mile Away

Some people are excellent at covering up their addiction. For example, they may drink alcohol to go to sleep at night. And then they seem “okay” during the day. They’re regulating their addiction to hide it. But with time, it will still take its toll on body and mind.

They cheer for their kids at the community soccer game. They make small talk at the grocery store. Or they share inspirational quotes on Facebook.

But they’re still hurting. Myths about drugs hurt people because, as a society, we think if they look “okay,” they can’t be secretly addicted to drugs. The truth is, anyone can get addicted.

4. If They Really Loved You, They Could Stop Using

Myths about drugs like this one keep people trapped in bad relationships. But you need to understand that once a person is addicted, they no longer have control. So the addiction takes over.

The drug has the steering wheel of your loved one’s life. And no matter how much your loved one wants to quit, they don’t have the power to do so.

5. Rehab Doesn’t Work

Yep, these are myths about drugs too.

Many people indeed do relapse after treatment. You might hear people use this logic when claiming rehab doesn’t work. But here’s the rest of the truth you need to know about to help your loved one.

Addiction is a chronic disease like diabetes. Rehab is a lot like taking a diabetic training class. Except, rehab typically takes a lot longer, 30-90 days.

If you walked out of a nutrition class and continued to do what you were doing before, diabetes would get worse. If you didn’t follow up with your doctor, you’d go downhill.

Addiction is the same. People who practice what they learn in rehab and continue to followup through aftercare programs experience great long-term success.

No More Myths About Drugs

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