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Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

A partial hospitalization program provides a level of treatment for those who are in drug or alcohol rehab or in mental health treatment. Due to the individualized nature of both treatment programs, a partial hospitalization program may come at different points in the treatment continuum. The Ranch has a professional staff of clinicians, social workers, doctors, and psychiatrists who are well aware of when partial hospitalization for addiction treatment should be utilized.

Do I Need Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment?

It all depends on what you and your treatment team consider best. Generally, partial hospitalization is followed by inpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization is an intensive program where you are on-site at a hospital or treatment facility for a major part of the day. It may not be seven days a week but it is usually no less than five days per week. While you are in a partial hospitalization for addiction treatment you will have access to medical staff including physicians and psychiatrists, as well as other treatment staff. Your days will be filled with group therapy as well as individual therapy sessions with a counselor or a psychiatrist or psychologist. There may be other programs involved in your partial hospitalization for addiction treatment.

Can I Benefit from Partial Hospitalization at Any Time?

An example of the fluid nature of partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is when you may be in an alumni program. That means, you’ve basically completed treatment and you are an alumnus of The Ranch. Unfortunately, relapses still occur. Maybe you went on a binge drinking expedition that not only ended in your relapse, but you also picked up a DWI and was involved in a bad car accident. Following your hospital stay you and your treatment team decide that a partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is in order. It’s not starting at the beginning, it is an avenue to give you the treatment that you need at that time.

Levels of Addiction Treatment

Here is the standard, generalized treatment continuum. Your individualized treatment continuum may follow or look very different from the following:

All of these levels can co-exist with a 12 step program if you and your treatment team decide it is important.

Can I Be in Partial Hospitalization and a 12-Step Program?

While you are in partial hospitalization, you may be able to do a 12 step program. You can see where people are in their whole continuum of treatment. There will be people there with only a few days sober, This may be your story while you’re in partial hospitalization. You will also be able to see people who have decades of sobriety. You and your treatment team may decide to hold off on Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous until you are at another level of treatment. However, your treatment provider has to make the decision in terms of your individual situation.

Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment at The Ranch

In partial hospitalization, you are the focus of all the attention. The Ranch is a fully staffed program with two locations. One location is in Nunnelly, Tennessee, while the other location is in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. We work hard with you to achieve sobriety and mental health stability. We have a tremendous program for these dual diagnosis issues. A dual diagnosis is when you have a substance abuse issue co-occurring with a mental health disorder. At The Ranch, we have the ability to individualize your treatment in regards to specific substances abused and co-occurring disorders.

The Ranch programs also include:

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