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Effects of Parent Drug Abuse on Young Children

The effects of parent drug abuse on young children, ages 6 to 12 and younger, are detrimental and lasting. Young children with parents using drugs may experience traumas including abuse or neglect. They may see things that traumatize them or that are hard to understand. They may feel unloved, hurt and frightened. Traumatic events, neglect, and hurt feelings can impact them emotionally, developmentally and in other ways that last well into adulthood. If you or a loved one needs a more impactful reason to change, consider the effects of parent drug abuse on young children. Children are more impressionable and require proper care during this time of development. Reach out to a substance abuse treatment center in Pennsylvania today.

Statistics on the Effects of Parent Drug Abuse on Young Children

The prevalence of parents or other adults living in homes with children and abusing substances is greater than most people realize. An average from 2009 to 2014 shows 8.7 million American children 17 years old and younger live in households with at least one parent with substance use disorder. The parents in these situations report having a more turbulent home life than those not abusing substances.

Impact of Parental Drug Abuse on Children

There are so many ways in which a parent’s drug abuse affects young children in the home. The most prevalent is neglect. When a parent is focused on getting drugs, he or she has little time to spend on children and, when high, has little ability to focus on children. In addition to neglect, many parents abusing drugs may also abuse their children. Some kids live in fear of a parent being high or drunk and becoming angry and aggressive. The effects of neglect, abuse and other kinds of trauma, such as witnessing a parent in a high or drunken state, cause other effects, which ripple outward into a child’s later life. The substance abuse of parents can ultimately lead to a child doing poorly or miss school, having no understanding of how to relate to other children and even developing post-traumatic stress disorder. As adults, the children of addicts carry these issues with them. They often end up in unsatisfactory or even abusive relationships, and they may even become substance abusers. When children of addicts grow up to become addicts themselves, they keep a dangerous and hopeless cycle going. The effects of parent drug abuse on young children is a critical issue for everyone. Even if you have not experienced a parent with a substance abuse disorder, you likely know someone who has. These children suffer the consequences of their parents’ mistakes and they carry the scars well into adulthood. The impact of these adults’ choices are lasting and in some cases are devastating. It’s up to everyone to help end this cycle for good and to help those children of addicts who have been so badly affected by their parents’ illnesses.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Parents

If your parental obligations are stopping you from receiving substance abuse treatment, The Ranch has the solution. Outpatient drug rehab centers in PA provide flexible program hours so you can continue working and spending time with your children. You’ll have access to many of the same programs and therapies as inpatient care to stop the effects of parent drug abuse on young children. Drug addiction treatment programs include:

Contact The Ranch for individualized addiction treatment for parents. Call 1.844.876.7680 to start the journey to sobriety and a better relationship with your child.

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