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Psychiatrist vs Therapist taking notes during man's therapy session

The Differences Between a Psychiatrist vs. Therapist

Psychiatrist vs. TherapistWhen you begin treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might work with a psychiatrist and a therapist to address your specific addiction or mental health treatment needs. There are differences between a psychiatrist vs. therapist. A psychiatrist is a doctor that is focused on treating your symptoms with medication, and …

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doctor leaning against wall concerned about Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone abuse

Oxycodone vs. Hydrocodone

There’s a difference between oxycodone vs. hydrocodone, but both are strong prescription opioids that can lead to an addiction if prescribed for any length of time. Both medications are used for either acute or chronic pain and can be combined with acetaminophen for additional pain relief. Hydrocodone can also be combined with ibuprofen, while oxycodone …

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woman on couch searching phone for types of addiction

Types of Addiction

What all types of addiction have in common is the inability to stop using the substance regardless of how many times you’ve tried. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit street drugs, you may have formed a long-term dependency that has controlled every aspect of your life.Addiction is often a slow process …

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man sick from alcohol at toilet experiencing dangers of substance abuse

7 Dangers of Substance Abuse Every Loved One Needs to Know

Nearly 20% of people over 12  have substance abuse disorder (SUD). More than the simple use of an illegal substance, SUD represents a turning point where use has become excessive and dangerous. But despite the dangers of substance abuse, you may feel unable to quit using this substance, legal or not.Your body becomes more dependent on the …

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marijuana plants marijuana and education

Marijuana and Education: A Look at the Research

With pushes for legalization around the country, it’s understandable that you may have begun to rethink marijuana. Should it still be classified as a dangerous drug? Should states legalize and tax? The conversation may have changed. But there’s one thorn in the side of those pushing for legalization. That’s marijuana and education.Marijuana has a measurable …

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cbt-vs-dbt, woman with glasses sitting next to window with mug and shawl

CBT vs DBT Therapy

Professional therapists vary their approach to treating addiction. Psychotherapy, also referred to as “talk therapy,” is one of the most common approaches used with clients in a treatment center or undergoing outpatient therapy. Two popular forms of psychotherapy are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).What is the difference between CBT vs DBT therapy? …

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woman sitting on floor dealing with signs of codependency

5 Signs of Codependency & How to Overcome Them

Codependency is an unhealthy behavioral condition. While the actual signs of codependency may vary, both individuals typically depend on each other to meet different needs. Over time, each becomes dependent on the arrangement to keep getting what they need. It’s unhealthy for everyone involved. Some codependent relationships are easier to spot than others. But codependency …

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