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Mental Health Treatment

man explaining the Psychotherapy Definition in Addiction Counseling

Psychotherapy Definition in Addiction Counseling

Psychotherapy has become one of the most prominent and vital psychological treatment options in the world. Its benefits are vast and far-reaching and have helped many millions of people. And if you suffer from substance abuse, you may wonder about the psychotherapy definition in addiction counseling and if it differs in these cases. In most …

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Psychiatrist vs Therapist taking notes during man's therapy session

The Differences Between a Psychiatrist vs. Therapist

Psychiatrist vs. Therapist When you begin treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you might work with a psychiatrist and a therapist to address your specific addiction or mental health treatment needs. There are differences between a psychiatrist vs. therapist. A psychiatrist is a doctor that is focused on treating your symptoms with medication, …

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woman on couch searching phone for types of addiction

Types of Addiction

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What all types of addiction have in common is the inability to stop using the substance regardless of how many times you’ve tried. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit street drugs, you may have formed a long-term dependency that has controlled every aspect of your life. Addiction is often a slow …

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people experiencing the benefits of group therapy

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

The benefits of group therapy are comprehensive and life-changing. A review of 43 studies found that those suffering from depression who attend group therapy show measurable and lasting improvement. Group therapy demonstrates clinical effectiveness for treating addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, and more. But to understand why group therapy is so effective, we need to take a closer look. What …

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patient in therapy cbt vs dbt

DBT Vs CBT: Which May Be Right for You

DBT vs CBT, these are two essential tools a mental health professional can use to help you overcome mental health disorders, including addiction. But they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding them can help you get the most out of these treatments. Here’s what you need to know. What Is DBT vs CBT? Cognitive-behavioral …

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cbt-vs-dbt, woman with glasses sitting next to window with mug and shawl

CBT vs DBT Therapy

Professional therapists vary their approach to treating addiction. Psychotherapy, also referred to as “talk therapy,” is one of the most common approaches used with clients in a treatment center or undergoing outpatient therapy. Two popular forms of psychotherapy are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). What is the difference between CBT vs DBT …

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woman sitting on floor dealing with signs of codependency

5 Signs of Codependency & How to Overcome Them

Codependency is an unhealthy behavioral condition. While the actual signs of codependency may vary, both individuals typically depend on each other to meet different needs. Over time, each becomes dependent on the arrangement to keep getting what they need. It’s unhealthy for everyone involved. Some codependent relationships are easier to spot than others. But codependency …

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patient happily being told what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

What is psychotherapy? Learn more about psychotherapy techniques by reading our latest article. Psychotherapy is an umbrella term for evidence-based therapy that treatment specialists use to help clients with mental disorders. Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy where a counselor listens to the client and responds with solutions to the client’s challenges. Therapists often …

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alcohol and depression, man sitting against wall in shadows hand over face

Alcohol and Depression: Breaking the Cycle

Drinking alcohol and depression symptoms often go hand in hand. If you struggle with depression, you may find that it’s tempting to numb the seemingly never-ending symptoms with alcohol and/ or drugs. While this coping mechanism may work for a time, it’s not a good solution long-term. At Recovery Ranch TN, we’re here to help …

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