Mental Health

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Mini-Strokes Linked to Onset of PTSD

People who experience a mini-stroke, often called a transient ischemic attack (TIA), have an increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, a new study finds.

The Link Between Depression, Dementia, and Alzheimers

Depression is common among older adults, who may experience symptoms as they enter retirement and experience other significant changes to their lifestyles. The loss of a spouse, lack of support from family and friends and the increasing physical challenges may contribute to the development of depression symptoms.

Mental Health Problems Peak in Winter, Internet Study Finds

The Internet has changed life in many ways. People can now communicate through email, social media and chat rooms, and with or without video. Online shopping is causing malls across the United States to reevaluate their strategies to compete with the convenience and price on the Internet.

Depression Around the World

Turns out that being healthy, wealthy and well-educated in a highly developed country doesn’t make you any happier than anyone else, or so says a recent study. The study, organized by the State University of New York: Stony Brook, polled nearly 90,000 people in 18 countries in an effort to map out occurrences of major …

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The Emotional Effects & Mental Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Smoking is a habit that can lead to a host of health problems. Besides increasing the risk of lung cancer and dental problems, smoking can also cause problems for those who live with the smoker. Research is increasingly highlighting the health problems that are caused by the exposure to secondhand smoke.

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